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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Barbecue before Parade

Our tradition in celebrating Dairy Days is to get together and have a barbecue before the Dairy Day Parade begins.

The reason we do this is:
1. Since I live 2 blocks from the parade route, it's better to be here before streets are closed and there is no parking by my house for family.

2. The kids need to eat a healthy dinner before getting candy at the parade.

3. We like everyone to be here and ready to go down to the parade route and find the perfect spot an hour before the parade starts.

4. It's just fun to have time to eat together, visit and let the kids play with each other before the parade begins.
 Robyn is my niece and Zoey Michelle's sister. Her family just moved back and live in Nampa.

Pictured above and below is Robyn's cute little family:
Above: Jason, Jadyn, Bristol, Colt, Hallee, Robyn
Jason, Jadyn, Colt, Hallee, Bristol and Robyn
 It's been a while since these cousins have seen each other. They played in the back yard after the barbecue. I had to get a picture of Dawson inside the growing ball - the huge hit for all kids who come and play at Aunt Sondra's or Sister Murray's house.
Anxiously waiting for the parade to start.

Is it time to go? Is it time to go?

I can't wait!!

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