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Friday, June 29, 2012

Primary 2 Lesson 26

Primary 2 Manual
Lesson 26
Choosing the Right Gives Me a Happy Feeling

I use this smile/sad face that I found on Sugardoodle years ago. It came from the 1974 Family Home Evening manual and you can find the link from Sugardoodle here.

I love this picture instead of the picture in the manual. I print out 2 faces on 1 sheet of card stock and give each child one face - that are about a 5X7 size.
 There is absolutely nothing on about The Prodigal Son - sorry. I did an image search and came up with these next 3 coloring pictures that did not come from the Friend. It's up to you if you want to use them. I think they look good and I would use them in my lesson - but the ultimate decision has to come from you.

 This one came from from a foreign site so I am not going to publish the link incase it has a virus - but you could image search it if you want it.
 This came from Bible Kids (sorry no link available anymore).

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fires in Pocatello Idaho

I just found out that Mink Creek is on fire in Pocatello, Idaho.

Unfortunately my brother Lyle lives there. They wouldn't let him up to his house after he got off work. That means he wasn't able to retrieve anything from his home.
 They are saying that 10 - 15 houses are already lost.
It is tragic! At least he is safe, but sad that he wasn't home to grab family photos or anything like clothes.

If he loses his house it's just "things" and can be replaced but it is just sad.

They've declared a state of emergency in the area, also banning all outdoor burning and fireworks.

Lyle has lots of family in the area - so he will be taken care of. What he needs can be purchased. He will be OK.

We pray for all those effected by fire in Idaho, Utah, Colorado. It's been a tragic fire season.

Please be careful with fire and fireworks this weekend.

***!!!! Update:  The wind stopped and save his home.  He was able to go home last night.
There isn't any power, but his neighborhood was saved.!!!!***

Bless those firefighters! Thanks for all your prayers. I'm still extremely sorry for the houses that were burned down and the family/animals that were affected.

They are estimating 66 homes have been damaged or burned down. Here are some aerial shots of the fire:
 It's always amazing to see houses that were saved surrounded by charred black burned areas.
Firefighters are amazing! Thank you!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pledge Wipes Review

Last week I received a Fed-X package. I couldn't even think what it could be because I hadn't ordered anything.

I was completely shocked that Johnson/Pledge sent me the Pledge wipes via Fed-X. Crazy!

I have to say that I am disappointed that they didn't follow through on the 3 coupons for free product. That is a bummer because when my niece received hers in the mail, it was good for any Johnson product. Too bad I didn't get the coupons they said they were sending me.
I've seen these at my customer's houses before, but in each home that I've tried to use one - they were completely dried out. This product is something you have to use BEFORE it dries out. It is NOT a long lasting item that you can leave on a shelf. I'm putting mine in an extra Ziploc bag in hopes that it won't dry out.

How did it work out for me?

Naively I thought you could use the wipe and it would shine beautifully and be done. That is basically what the instructions say to do. However for me, it didn't shine up like I want. I could see the product film on my furniture/counter and not the shine I want.

So what I did was take my microfiber dusting cloth (which I love) and BUFFED UP the polish the Pledge wipe left on the furniture and counters.

After I buffed it up, it worked and shined like Pledge normally does.

The draw back for me is that this is not practical when you are working hard and fast to get the work done. It's a 2 step process to get the shine.
1. Wipe the whole surface with the Pledge wipe.
2. Buff up a nice shine with microfiber dusting cloth.

The other thing that is annoying is all the wipes it takes and when they are done - find a garbage to throw it in. I just kept putting them in my pocket to speed up the process and then threw them away at the end.

Pledge talks about being "Environmentally" friendly/responsible .... but how can they when I'm using wipe after wipe to clean a house? Just to throw them away. How is that Environmentally friendly?

I honestly don't think I will go this route in my quest for the Pledge shine in a furniture spray. It is too time consuming and a pain in the butt.

Also, they said it would leave behind the usual smell their old furniture polish left behind. Nope. It has a nice lemon smell, but nothing like spraying Pledge furniture polish from the can and buffing up the shine on the furniture / counter / shower etc.  I LOVE the Pledge furniture polish smell - it's fabulous!

Sniffle, sniffle ... I'm sure going to miss their old product. I hope they understand they have ruined their product line and bring back the old formula. I sure hope and pray they do!!

On a happy note!
I found 4 bottles of old Pledge and of course purchased them! Oh happy dance!!
You can see the change in the packaging from old to new.

I will be hoarding these and using them on my house (sorry customers). These will be like Gold to me. I hope I can find some more! But hooray I have 4 bottles! Yippeeee!

I sure hope they listen to their customer base and revert back to their old formula that works and leaves the most beautiful shine and smell.

From the girl who USED TO BE Pledge's number one fan -

Welcome to the 21st Century, Sondra!

I've finally updated my telephone.
Around Brady's graduation my old phone (silver) started to have a ton of static and I couldn't hear what the caller was saying. It was difficult to communicate when someone called me, because I couldn't hear them. 

At Brady's graduation, I arrived before Jason and Sharon and saved a seat for them. When they arrived they called me to find out my location. I couldn't understand a word they were saying. I just kept telling them "I can't hear you, but I am on the front row of section 17".

They found me, but it wasn't easy. It was at that time I wished that I had a phone that could text.

I HATE texting and never really wanted to JOIN in the texting generation.

I knew I needed a new phone and luckily that week I saw an advertisement for the Tracfone above (black) for $19.99. I purchased it, transferred my cell phone number and minutes over to the new phone.

It's still a Tracfone and I am not on a contract. It has a camera, texting capabilities along with internet access. I won't use the internet access on the phone - but I've sent a couple of text messages. I still believe in calling the person I need to speak to - but can text when needed.

It's kind of fun to join the 21st technology. I'm still a Tracfone user because I refuse to have a contract, but now I can text even though I know I won't ever be addicted to texting - it's annoying.

Plus, it was a sweet deal for this nice phone for only $19.99 - an amount that I am willing to spend on a cell phone. That's the frugal girl in me.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Garden Update

Motivational Monday quote:
"We will see the day when we will live on what we produce" Marion G. Romney

"Grow vegetables and eat them from your own garden" President Spencer W. Kimball

"Those families will be fortunate who, in the last day, have an adequate supply of food because of their foresight and ability to produce their own" President Ezra Taft Benson

I thought I would share the progress of my vegetable garden. Actually, this year I decided to grow vegetables in all of my berms instead of flowers. I don't have an "actual" garden spot, only places around my yard for flowers.

I decided to plant vegetables instead this year because:
1. No wedding in my back yard like last year for Jason and Sharon.
2. No spaghetti feeds for the cross country team like the past 4 years for Brady's team.

Although I think my yard is looking pretty great - it is all mine this year and not for "show".
Here are my squash plants. I'm planning on having the pumpkin climb the fence so that it doesn't over grow the area. It's quite a squished area - but I'm sure it will handle the squash plants. I have baby crookneck and zucchini's growing. I'm excited for the harvest!
Along side the patio are 3 tomato plants and 3 bell pepper plants. All started from seed. Baby tomatoes are finally starting to form.
In the corner by my gate, I have 3 more tomato plants. I always run out of canned tomatoes by spring and only have 4 quarts left from last year. I'm hoping to get an abundant crop this year of tomatoes. I also planted Marigolds and Aster flowers by seed. They are growing nicely but no blooms yet.
Outside the gate to the front yard are my potato plants. I haven't grown potatoes before but they are growing and have blooms. It's fun to try new things to grow. I hope I have a good harvest of potatoes too.
In the front yard in my big berm that is the length of my house on the side of my property line, I am growing corn. It's a little scary to be planting it in the front yard, but it's the only place that has full sun. It was planted late - after Memorial Day, so I hope I have enough growing season for "corn on the cob" from my very own garden.

I also planted Sunflower and Zinnia seeds to put some color on the side of the corn.
My berm with the corn in the front and potatoes in the back.
I've planted red and purple petunias for some beauty for the neighbors.
 This is my kidney shaped berm to the side of my patio. It's full of plants.

Lots of peas.
2 tomato plants that will take up the area when the pea plants are pulled out.

The next two pictures are the same berm - just different angles.
 I planted carrots on the edge before the pea plants. Some of the pea plants are over the carrots but they are still growing strong. Once the pea plants are pulled up the carrots will still be in that area so it won't be bare of plants.
My onions. I've only grown green onions before so this is exciting to see the other onions grow. I seriously need to thin them. I plan on moving them to other parts of the yard and hope they will continue to grow when transplanted.
I planted beans in containers like I usually do. I have 4 more containers that are not pictured here. They are all doing really well.
The cucumbers have been struggling. The long stringy one with leaves on the very tip is the plant I started indoors, but hasn't done very well. The two little plants I planted from seed have been struggling and eaten alive.

I've been putting down bug bait like crazy and then I've been going out every morning for slug and snail hunts. The first few days I was finding at least 10 slugs/snails per day, now it's around 5 per day. It's amazing where they are coming from and this is the only plant they are really chomping on.

It's like the snails and slugs from all over send out a radar signal to come here and eat this. However, since I've been hunting and squishing snails and slugs every day I have new leaves. I am hoping it will finally thrive and grow.

I hope you've enjoyed a tour of my vegetable garden.

Sneaky Thanks

I just found a sneaky surprise left by Zoey Michelle.
It was hidden in my hall closet that holds my "General Store" or storage of extra personal products, like lotions, shampoo/conditioner, deodorant, toothbrushes/paste, tissues, candles, medicine and so on.

Zoey Michelle is always leaving a sneaky "thank you" gift after she stays with me. She is very thoughtful. I need to be more like her when I grow up - LOL!

Thanks Zoey Michelle and Family, I am positive that we will LOVE this! That was very kind of you!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Kate with James and Samantha

Every Sunday I have the pleasure of babysitting my niece Taylor's little boy James while she works. I am having such fun with this little man. He is a very calm and happy baby. He's 5 months old now and I've been loving every minute of babysitting him each Sunday.

It's going to be extra nice to have this opportunity when Brady leaves for college and I am an empty nester - empty house girl. I know I will cherish each moment I get to share in my extended families lives and babysit this beautiful boy.

Zoey Michelle, Brandon, Faith, Dawson and Kate attended sacrament meeting with us last Sunday before they left to go home.

After sacrament meeting they took James home with them.

Kate didn't know who this baby was and Zoey and Brandon told them they were taking him home to try him out *giggle.
 Kate said, "How did you know I always wanted a baby brother".
 Kate is too cute! She just loved and loved James.
Every Sunday James' dad texts me when he arrives at church to drop him off before he heads to work. I go and get James and finish sacrament meeting.

This past Sunday, Jerry (James' dad) was heading out of town for training. He was rushed as he was putting together the diaper bag. He forgot an extra change of clothes and a Binky.

During sacrament meeting James drooled/spit up all over his clothes.

Zoey Michelle brought James home, bathed him and put him in some extra baby clothes I had picked up on a huge sale for baby gifts. It was great that I had extra clothes for James.

I also had extra Binky's on hand - just in case. We were saved. After a bath, Zoey Michelle put James down for a nap.

When he woke up Kate was in heaven. She's going to be an awesome big sister (maybe someday)... hint hint - LOL!
At least she gets to enjoy a few babies that come into her path. James and Aunt Laura's baby Samantha.

We love those babies and Kate. OK....I love all my nieces babies .. It's been so much fun watching their children grow.

Today: Zoey Michelle told Kate that they were going to Boise in a month, she said, "Ahhh. I love Sondra! She's a really nice girl!"

Yeah! They'll be back for my Nephew Kevin and Kayla's Wedding open house and Shawn's mission return.

Saturday Fun: Fire and Music

Saturday morning on Dairy Day weekend we went to see Robyn and Jason's new house.

Kate had a "sleep over" with her cousins Hallee and Jadyn.

Robyn doesn't live far from me. Finally I stopped by for a visit and to see their new house. They moved back to Nampa from Pocatello - YEAH! They have only been here for a few months. Their new house was a short sale/foreclosure. There were many things not finished in the house when they purchased it and a few updates they are working on to make the house THEIR HOME. Right now they are living with remodel mess/fun. But, it should be completed soon and then they can relax with a home they love.

Their home sits on 2 acres of land along with farm land all around them. It's nice to have neighbors close by, but also have solitude without neighbors on top of you and behind you. There is an abundance of privacy and room for her children to play.

I wish I would have taken pictures of her HOME, but all we ended up getting was pictures of Jason's (Robyn's husband) pyro fun. He was actually burning old trees and dead landscape as they try to get the yard shaped up from neglect. Brady was kind enough to help out in moving dead items over to the fire. Actually I think Brady helped out to play in the fire (boys! *grin).
It was fun to watch and the fire was quite high at some points. The joy of living in the country.
The kids were outside playing and loved to go over and check out the fire from time to time. It was fun to watch.

We spent several hours over at Robyn's visiting and having a tour of their new house. I have to say that I have "bargain envy" of all Robyn's frugal purchases off of Craig's List. She purchased a beautiful bedroom set for $500 complete with a 4 poster bed, two night stands and two dressers of beautiful dark wood with great detail. She has found some great deals! <3 love, love love them!

Later Saturday evening, Meridian was holding a free concert at the city building. They held free concerts last year but we never attended any. Because the city's building is close to our house, I've always been able to hear the music in our back yard while sitting on the patio.

One day last year Brady was outside and heard the music. He put on his shoes and went and l@@ked for the music. When he found "the music" he also found his Pioneer Trek Ma and Pa. He sat with them and enjoyed the music - I was gone somewhere. When I came home he was so excited to tell me all about the free concerts. I told him I knew about them and he couldn't believe we haven't been attending them.

This year we vowed to watch them. Saturday, June 16 was the first concert of the year.

Featuring High Street!
I loved the music because it was from my era - 60, 70, 80's music. I don't think Brady knew any of the songs, but he did enjoy the show.

They were great!
I especially loved their colorful suits!
I loved all the instruments they played. Many people in the band sang different songs. There was a lot of variety to the show.
I loved that people danced on the side walks. This particular lady was really "into" each song. She sat right by us - when she WAS sitting - which wasn't often. Most of the time she was dancing up and down the sidewalk. She must have been a dancer in her youth because she was brilliant - WOW to her dance moves.

I wondered if she has some affiliation to the band - because she was sitting and dancing alone most of the time. She knew every song and was quite an "active participant".

There were LOTS of couples doing "The Swing" too. Loved the whole environment!

Faith, Dawson and Kate joined Brady and me. Zoey Michelle and Brandon stayed home - Zoey Michelle wasn't feeling very good. I was surprised when I came home to a clean kitchen - they did the dishes. Awe - wasn't that nice of them?

When we returned, we watched the Spiderwick Chronicles. I was surprised they hadn't seen it yet. Dawson got quite scared. I moved him to my bedroom and he watched Over the Hedge.

We sure enjoyed a fantastic weekend! 


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