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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Prom 2012

Meridian High School's Prom was held April 28th.

Prior to the Prom, there is a lot of planning to pull off a great Prom experience.

The young woman must find or sew a modest dress (an almost impossible feat). Then she has to let the boy know the color of her dress. Emily gave Brady a sample of the material her dress was made out of. It was light blue - and I assume her mom or Emily made/sewed the modest dress.

Then the young man must order a Tux.
(If I had it to do again - I would NOT have him rent a Tux - it was a total waste of money $112 (and that was with a $50 off coupon) for a 1 day rental. I wish we would have put that money towards a black suit for his mission instead of throwing away money on a rental - shaking head. Then we would only rent a vest and tie (matching the girls dress) at a lower cost and had something of value by purchasing a suit instead of renting a Tux - which would have been good enough - I don't know why a Tux is needed. I'm too frugal to throw away money and won't do it again.)

We ordered a corsage. She ordered a boutonniere.
The group of kids were all members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (the Mormons). So, good clean fun was arranged for the day. This is what they did:

Thursday, April 27th, all the couples got together at a local church building and were taught some fun dance steps - like the swing, the waltz (real dancing). They all had a great time together. Plus, it was a great example of "good" "clean" "fun" dancing instead of the typical grinding that goes on at normal Proms.
The young men from the group of kids going together to the prom held a planning meeting.

They put together a great day of events.

Yes - a whole day of fun.

Here is what they did:

The boys got together a 7:00 am Saturday morning and met at Ammon's House to prepare breakfast for the girls.

8:00 am: Leave and pick up the dates.

8:45 am: they ate breakfast at the "Breakfast place" ??? I don't know what the Breakfast Place is, but Brady said it was in a park. They borrowed our folding tables and chairs for the breakfast.

9:45 am: Leave for Lake Halverson for a day hike. (pictures are coming)

10:45 - 11:00 am - Arrive and hike. They also had lunch at the lake. Each boy brought a sack lunch for their girl and them self.

(It had been raining the whole week prior to the hike. I was worried it would be muddy - but it was OK. I made Brady take a first aid kit and 2 emergency blanket in his back pack - which he did with an eye roll. I don't know where the Scout "Be Prepared" motto went - but I always want to be prepared if I go hiking in the mountains. While hiking around a cave and rocky area, Ammon fell off a ledge and fell really hard and got scrapped up. The fall was really lucky in a way - he just missed falling on his neck and breaking his back it was a total scare for all the kids. But luckily someones mother sent a first aid kit and they were able to patch him up. "Be Prepared!" -- smiles).

12:20 - Hike out

12:45 - Leave /drive to drop off girls

1:30 - 2:00 - Drop off everyone
2:00 - 4:30 - Prep or get ready for the Prom and pick up girls again

4:30 - 6:30 - Pictures at the Boise Depot (pictures coming in another post)

6:45 - Dinner at the cottonwood Grille. Brady loved the food. He ordered Pheasant and loved it - I was surprised. I'll have to add what Emily ordered later.

8:45 - 9:00 pm - Leave dinner and arrive at the Dance.

11:00 - Leave Dance

11:10 - Dessert at Brady's House
I made:
Peanut Butter Cookies (recipe coming)

Chocolate Silk Mouse Pie (recipe coming)

12:00 - Be home before the Holy Ghost goes to sleep.
(Brady said this at the planning meeting and the other boys had never heard this. I was surprised, I've always said that and made midnight our curfew. The boys loved it and kept that wording on the schedule. Don't you tell your kids that? - OR am I the only one who says that?)
Here are pictures of Brady picking up Emily - courtesy from Emily's family.
Brady putting on Emily's corsage. We ordered it with a keepsake bracelet. I thought it was beautiful!
Emily putting on Brady's boutonniere.
I thought her dress was pretty. I loved the bead work.
They had a wonderful time. Brady loved doing all the new dance moves with Emily.
The tickets:

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