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Monday, May 14, 2012

Motivational Monday: "What is a Mother?"

What is a Mother?

A Mother is a wonderful creature constructed almost entirely of love and this she can express in a million ways from hugs and kisses and good cooking and patient listening, to stern lectures and strict rules and repeated use of the word "no".

Like snowflakes, no two Mothers are alike but they have a number of things in common. Name anything --- a Mother can be found washing it, roasting it, polishing it, getting rid of it, repairing it, spanking it, packing it, teaching it, redecorating it, loving it, or talking it over at PTA.

A Mother cares about, and for almost everything --- gardens, pets, the state of the nation, the worn spot in the rug, hungry people, and most of all, father and her children. For these she can do anything, dare anything, and fight for anything necessary for their happiness.

A Mother is not always an angel. She will often disagree with you, expect too much of you, criticize your choice of friends, and bring up the subject of work when you feel the least energetic. But she's always ready to help when you need her.

You don't always tell a Mother how much you love her or how much you wish the most wonderful things in the world will come to her because there are no words that express feelings so deep and sincere. Somehow, tho, you feel she understands what's in your heart. Mothers always do.

--- Anonymous

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