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Friday, May 18, 2012

MHS Choir

Participating in Choir as been a blessing and a highlight of Brady's senior year. I'm glad he decided to do it - which accidentally happened because the other classes he wanted to take were unavailable with the classes he DID want to take. That is why I say it was a blessing! 

Monday, May 14th MHS Choirs held their last concert. It was right after they returned home from Choir tour. Brady was nervous because they hadn't practised the songs for this concert very much - they were working on the tour songs. But the Choirs pulled it off and I absolutely loved this concert! It had a bunch of fun songs, soloist, and even a couple of dancers.

I usually work on Monday night and almost made the choice to work and miss the concert. LUCKILY I re-prioritized my schedule to "enjoy the journey" as this was the last high school event I would be able to watch and support Brady. I had to go and support Brady and was happy I did.

This was the one concert I SHOULD have brought my camera to and I didn't. Darn!

At the beginning of the concert they played a slide show of the choir's students through the year. It was a bunch of fun to watch - they have had some fun!
During the change between Concert and Treble Choir, a bunch of young men called a girl out of the audience and had her sit in a chair while they surrounded her and sang "Longest Time". The girl was a great sport being called up on the spot. The boys were a hoot as they did loving actions toward the girl as they sang the song.

I also liked that the Treble Choir sang the Adele popular song "Rolling In The Deep".  I think I just enjoyed all the songs because they were "good" songs and they never sing songs we know - which I have never understood. I know that the purpose of Choir is to teach song techniques, but I have never understood why they couldn't be taught singing songs the kids AND the audience would enjoy. Luckily this was a concert that I loved AND attended!

Brady is in A Cappella Choir and they sang a "Michael Jackson Medley". The first thing the choir teacher did was put on a silver sequent glove like Michael Jackson wore back in the day. They sang a lot of my favorite Michael Jackson songs and featured lots of soloist. During "Thriller" Danielle and Kara did the "Thriller" dance dressed up as zombies. It was great. They ended the medley with "We Are the World".

After the concert Mrs. Jones the director gave out Choir certificates and awards.
Brady received a plaque as an Outstanding Choir Member. One of the reasons is because Brady created a "Facebook Choir page" where he posted the songs the choir was working on. He posted each part - soprano, alto, tenor, base etc. so the students could work on their part at home. He put a lot of time into this project throughout the whole year. He went above and beyond to help the choir have the tools to perform at the best of their abilities.
Yea Brady!
As I mentioned, the choir was on tour May 10th, 11th and 12th.

They were fantastic! Each choir won a first place and one also received a Superior. Everywhere the choir performed during the tour, they were constantly praised at how well behaved our school was. MHS has awesome students!

I know the pictures are out of order, but here are some fun shots Brady and his friends took at Silverwood.
Girls: Kara, Amber, Danielle
Boys: Brady, Andrew, Mark

I have to say that Brady is looking pretty cute in this picture. *smiles from a proud mama!
Their silly picture.
Brady sat with Amber on the bus - I'm not sure about laying on Amber - what silly kids.  
May 10th at 5:30 am we arrived at Meridian High School for Choir tour. Here is the schedule of the tour:


Thursday - May 10 Depart 6 AM

University of Idaho 1:00

Easter Washington 5 - 7:30


Hotel - 9:00 PM
This is the choir shirt all the students wore. It was a sea of orange. There is a picture with all the kids in their shirts that I saw during the slide show at the concert. It looked really cool.
Brady is to the right of the kid showing his belly (in the center).. oddly enough another red headed kid.

Friday - May 11

Ferris High School 8 AM

Shadle High School


Witworth College

1:00 - 2:30 PM

Dinner included 4:00 - 9:00PM

Back to hotel by 10:00 PM
Brady roomed with 4 boys in the hotel. There was 2 twin beds and a futon which 2 boys slept in.
Here are a couple of shots of the choirs.
You can barely see Brady - but I'll try to explain where he is:
In the front there is a red headed boy. A couple rows back there is another red headed boy. Brady's head is just peeking out from the 2nd red headed boy. Hard to see  - but he's there.

Saturday - May 12

Leave hotel by 7:00AM

Coeur d'Alene - Adjudication Event

SILVERWOOD PARK - 1PM - close (6:00PM) **Lunch included


Spokane Jazz Concert

Head for home all night (sleeping on bus)

Arrive at MHS 4 -5 AM? Sunday Morning  (It was around 6AM)
This is our Choir Director: Mrs. Jones and I believe the Principal Mr. Stands (I'll confirm with Brady)
Choir tour was a blast! Brady had a great time - definitely a highlight of his Senior year!
They will also be performing at the Graduation commencement on May 23rd.


Zoey said...

I'm glad you didn't miss it! I too, have been having to prioritize and something things that are less important will just have to go.

Rhonda said...

Autumn just had her last choir concert of the year also. Our poor choir director is having a rough time, every single one of his tenors graduate this year. Brady's choir is huge. I realize it isn't all one class but overall how many students? The tour looked like a lot of fun and a very long weekend.


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