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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Car Attack - In a Good Way

A few days after Prom, Emily attacked Brady's car.
 She wanted to say "thank you" for all things he did to make Prom a really special experience for her.
 I asked Brady how they got into the car to fill it with balloons, and he confessed he gave the keys to the car door to Emily's friend with the stipulation that they couldn't do anything that would block his vision.
 I thought it was pretty fun. I'm glad Brady was able to go with Emily.
 Emily said that she was extremely grateful to go to the dance with Brady because this was by far the best dance ever. She was so happy that she could share this experience with Brady.
 She couldn't believe all the planning and fun they had during the 2 day Prom date.

She enjoyed the breakfast at Celebration Park, taking pictures, exploring cave and taking funny pictures posed with Brady.

She loved the amazing restaurant where the food was delicious and the scenery was just beautiful.
 I am glad that Brady has been able to enjoy these positive experiences during his Senior Year and that he made such a great friend with Emily.
I was happy that she left areas on the windows clear for him to see through as he drove.
 The car was packed with balloons and he had to pop a bunch just to be able to get home.
 Emily made no bake cookies for him - which were yummy and a cute note (which I share a few tidbits with you above).
I'm happy that Brady's Senior year has been such a fun experience for him with lasting memories.

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Zoey said...

I've never seen something like that, but I really liked it! How fun!!!


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