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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Twin Day

Last week was "Dress Up Days" or "Records week 2012: Battle of the Sexes". I know Brady loved going to school in Pajama's on Tuesday.
Thursday was Twin Day at school! Brady was twinning with Amber, and went out and bought a HUNGER GAMES T-SHIRT just for this! He told me he was surprised how many compliments he received regarding the Hunger Games shirt they wore, along with nerd fake glasses.
 He also took a couple pictures after school in his shirt.
I'm still having a tough time looking at Brady in the red hair and facial hair goatee. He's not my little boy anymore - he's looking much more like a man. I'm not sure I like it at ALL (smiles).

I can't wait until the red dye in his hair has grown out and he can start looking like Brady again.

PS. We LOVED the Hunger Games movie!

1 comment:

Valerie said...

He does look different and more grown up. Don't you hate that? :)


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