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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Shaving and Cell Phone Drama by Brady


Post written by
Brady on his Tumbler account.

I finally shaved my face. I look cute and boyish again. Oh, and I broke down and took pictures with my phone, which I had an annoying time with today.

Brady's drama with his cell phone company iWireless:

This is an HTC Hero, powered by iWireless. It is prepaid because my mom hates contracts with a burning passion.

So, I get texts saying when my phone company will deduct money from my account to pay for the next month of service. 5 days ago it said I had $51.84, and it was going to deduct $27.18. I didn’t worry about any texts from them after that. Well, turns out my phone wasn’t working today, and here were the other texts I got that I didn’t read. 3 days ago my balance went down to $29.35, and when I found my phone in the morning, it failed to make the payment, and my account was at about $11.00.

 I called tech support to find out what the heck was going on. Apparently, my plan switched out of the blue, but yet was still charging me for my old plan too. My phone was being billed for “pay as you use anything” plan and was showing me I had my old plan.  It turns out the money I had at the start,  $51, should have been higher as well.

 The tech guy (after talking it over with his supervisor) said, “The fancy term for what happened is what we call a "computer glitch", and assured me I didn’t do anything wrong. However, he didn’t reimburse me. He only reimbursed me about $17.00 (he said my balance was around $8 at this time) which was only enough to get my plan going again.

So, basically, this “computer glitch” ate $40 of my money. On top of that, apparently I subscribed to this crappy "gamer app" that I never used. I might have checked it out once when I first got my phone since iWireless kept pestering me to register and get a free game. I don’t know how to unsubscribe and it is costing me an extra $5 a month apparently. So… yeah, that’s why I put I have a crappy phone.

Glad I let that out, if you were still reading, I solute you. You’re just the people that I love most in the world. [Quality Time is my love language- just need someone to listen now and again].

Sondra says: I'm glad I have my cute boy back without all the manly hairy face. I'm not ready for him to look like a man yet (smiles). After all, he's still my baby.
Also being the cheap frugal person I am, I absolutely will not get trapped in a cell phone contract. I hate contracts for luxury items. The future is unknown. No one knows what will happen tomorrow. I won't allow a cell phone plan to become more important then:
House payment (shelter)
Car insurance
gas for my car (to work) as my cars are paid for.
I've had a really bad experience with contracts on non-basic needs in my life. I won't go there again, especially when I can have a phone on a month to month basis.
My tracfone is $100 per year. Works for me and my needs.
With Brady leaving for a mission in a year, I WILL NOT sign up for a 2 year contract!!
He will just have to live with his crappy cell phone!

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Zoey said...

Your post makes me smile Sondra! ;)


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