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Monday, April 2, 2012

Primary 2 Lesson 45 Easter

Primary 2 Manual
Lesson 45 Easter
We Celebrate Easter Because Jesus Christ Was Resurrected

Because I teach the 7 / 8 year old who can read, I have put the cut outs on a scrapbook paper (cut out). On the back of each picture I have printed the part of the story that goes along with each cut out picture. I came up with 7 different sheets of paper/cut out. I hand them out to the class. The pictures are numbered and I ask #1 to come up and read his part and then 2 and so on. I love to have my children involved in the lesson because it makes them focused and they learn more when they are involved.

Lesson cutout pictures if you need them:


Cherie said...

Thanks Sondra!!

Marielle said...

Help! I don't have any of the cutouts to tell the story. Can you post them?

Marielle said...

or email them to me

Sue said...

You are such a peach! I'm subbing this Sunday for the Easter lesson and, even though I can look the lesson up online, there are no cutouts! The regular teacher is out of town and I had no way to get them from her! Thank you sooo much!!!

DonD said...

Trusting that my Primary manual had everything I would need, I studied the lesson ahead of time, but waited until the last minute to gather the visual aids.

The Easter lesson is totally dependent on the cutouts . . . that had disappeared from my manual! After searching and finding little more than the manual, I searched the web and found you! Thank you for taking the time to scan those precious cutouts! It looks like that's a common theme this week. Thank you!!!

Jay said...

I'm going to use this the rest of the week to go over Easter with my kiddos. :) I really, really appreciate the work you do gathering all these church resources! Thank you! (again :) )

Elizabeth said...

Thank you for the cutouts! We had a set for our flannel board all growing up, and I have always wanted to make a set for my own family. For some reason, I couldn't find them anywhere! I am so excited to share the Easter story with my class this Sunday!

liz margetts said...

Thank you for including the cutouts. They were not in my packet of lesson materials. I really appreciate all your helps. I have used many over the past several months.

Leandra said...

Your web site is my favorite. Very simple to use and always can find something to add to my lesson. Thanks so much for sharing.


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