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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pinterest Disappointment!

I used to love Pinterest

But alas, it has disappointed me.

I am seriously deciding if I want to stop using Pinterest.

A few weeks ago an unknown person started following me.

I checked out her boards to see if I should follow her.

I was shocked to see boards full of half clothed women.

We just can't escape pornography on the web and now it is infiltrating Pinterest.

At this time there is no way to block her.

I thought I would be safe to just ignore her.

I received an email:
Gertrud Tenner mentioned you on a new pin that was added to "Beautiful":   
"I never thought cutting extra pounds would be so simple, but it turns out that theres supplements that totally works! Go to americanartpotter... its FANTASTIC!"
Click here to reply.
Click here to follow Gertrud back.
- Ben & the Pinterest Team

I was curious why she would mention me on a new pin. Of course I checked it out.

I was sent to her board full of half naked girls. I closed the window.


Why do we have to be bombarded like this and NOW ON PINTEREST?

I'm disgusted!  AND MAD!

I used to LOVE Pinterest, but now I just feel betrade and led astray.

One of the reasons I blog is to fill the internet with "GOOD" to offset the "BAD".

I sent a message to the Pinterest hoping they will terminate her for this bad behavior.

It really makes me MAD!

Beware users of Pinterest

***** Update April 24, 2012 *****

The response I received from Pinterest.
The spammer (trying to push porn) has been removed from my "following" list.
I'm very happy and now I know what to do if this ever happens again.
Pinterest responded quickly and took care of the problem.
I'm glad because I love Pinterest!

Kim, Apr 25 14:20 (PDT):
Thank you for reporting this to us, and we're sorry you encountered spam on Pinterest. We recently made some changes to our filters to help detect and eliminate this type of spam. As a result, most of these spam users have been automatically removed.
In the future, if you come across suspicious content, we recommend reporting some of the pins (you don't have to report all of them). This helps improve the systems we have in place to detect spam.
For more information on how to report spam, check out this article:
Thanks for helping us keep Pinterest a spam-free place!
Pinterest - Community Specialist

******** Update May 10, 2012 *******
I've decided to delete my Pinterest account. It has been deleted.

Today I had two new girls "friend" me that I don't trust - and certainly don't trust them having my information to use on a porn/spam site again.

I wish they would let me limit  friends and followers to people I want following me or that I could block people that I don't want following me.

There is something sinister about these strange people who all of a sudden follow 10,000 people with no boards. I'm not sure what they are up to - but I don't want to be part of it.

I know it sounds silly because my blog is public and there is a lot of information about me here.

There is something about the loss of control in my Pinterest account that I don't like.

So - it has been deleted. I can still use Pinterest - but not keep "boards" of things I like.

It's been a lot of fun - but I feel liberated from getting rid of one more thing to suck up my time on the Internet. It's good to have it gone.  


Cherie said...

Sondra - I made a Pinterest account with a fake name. I love it. No one follows me and I just pin pin pin to my hearts content with no weird e-mails, ads, or weirdos!
Filth is everywhere - Yuck! Sorry that happened to you.

Cherie said...

P.S. It was great to see you Sunday!

Zoey said...

Bummer! Wish there was a better way to resolve it. Wondering if you had seen some of the posts that are thinking about why pinterest may not stand the test of time. Very interesting!

Heather said...

I had a similar experience. But I feel that the good that I have gotten out of Pinterest out ways the 15 seconds of filth. Now we know to not click on those links.


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