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Saturday, April 21, 2012

MHS Spring Choir Concert

Brady dressed in his choir robe.
The Choir teacher asked Brady to come up with a song to play for the concert.

Brady fell in love with this song "Pretend" (reprise) and held auditions for a girl to sing it.

Anastasia won Brady's audition and is singing with Brady. This musical number doesn't show off Brady's piano skills. It's a simple song, but it works when the kids love it.

I thought Anastasia did an great job singing! I loved it - but I'm a mom (smiles).

Brady's Tumbler account comments:
This song is called “Pretend (Reprise)” by LIGHTS, and I am manning the piano while Anastasia is singing for me. This song doesn’t show off too much skill, but it’s the first song I came by with instrumental and vocal that were different from each other. I had a tough time with this piano too. It wasn’t behaving; I was supposed to change this setting so the keys would become more weight sensitive, and get louder the harder I played, but it wasn’t working, so I moved on with my life and started. If you see me getting really into banging those keys, I’m trying to push what ever sound boost it is giving me to forte.
Brady and Anastasia

Amber, Kara and Mark perform a song from The Hunger Games movie called "Safe and Sound".

I cannot find my program from the show and don't know the name of their song.

This is Blake performing.

The kids performed while the different choirs were changing on stage. It was a fun night.

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