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Thursday, April 26, 2012

I Prefer Cooler Springs

The weather has been crazy this week. We topped 91 degrees over the weekend. It has been HOT for several days. Lots of people were out in their yards planting flowers and working in their yards, or outside playing in the sun. I found that I really don't want to be outside in 91 degree weather and do much of anything. It's just too hot for me to get motivated to go out and sweat like crazy doing anything.

My poor flower beds need weeding. I'm not quite ready to plant the warm weather vegetables or flower because it's only April. Usually in Idaho we don't plant for another month, but this warm weather is throwing me off.

Should I plant or not? I have seed potatoes, my squash plants are getting huge. My tomatoes are ready to be planted. I could plant seeds too. But should I? My calendar says it's just too early to do it quite yet. Around Idaho the planting time is usually after Memorial Day - which is a month away.

I just don't know what to do.

Tuesday is mowing day. Brady came home from school and started mowing the lawn. (I left him a note and he quickly obeyed - he's such a great kid).

When I came home I started to trim the edges of the lawn. While Brady was mowing our lawn and our next door neighbor's lawn, another neighbor came and asked him if he would mow her lawn too. She wanted him to trim the lawn too. I had to train Brady to do it, because I always trim when he mows the lawn. He finished our yard's trimming and did a great job.

Off he went to mow the neighbors lawn and trim. Dark clouds were rolling in and I knew it was going to rain soon. I went and helped Brady trim and told him to start mowing before it started to rain. It started to rain while I was trimming and Brady was mowing. We just hurried while it was raining. When I ran home it started to downpour. It was raining extremely hard - poor Brady!

I came home and jumped in the shower. When Brady came home he was disappointed I was already in the shower. Thank goodness there is a 1/2 bath upstairs in his room with towels. He was soaked and undressed outside down to his boxer shorts (smiles).

At least it was done. 15 - 20 minutes later the sun was shining. We should have waited! It's kind of funny though and we laughed about it.

I haven't been sleeping well because it's been so warm. Last night I turned the AC down to 68 degrees and slept wonderfully. My body was well rested and didn't have the aches and pains I've been having when I wake up in these hotter temperatures.

I've also been sweating like crazy while I have been working each day. I finally knew I needed a "Powerade Zero" energy drink to give my body the electrolytes I've been sweating out. My body is feeling much better. I really get aches and pains in my body when I sweat a lot. I know that I am low on potassium and magnesium and have started taking supplements. I'm back to normal. It took me a while to realize why I was having a lot of pain in my joints, legs and feet - it's all that sweating! Thank goodness I know what to do and drink a Powerade.

I don't feel much like cooking when it's hot outside either. I don't like heating up the house. I have been out of homemade bread and cookies for several days.

It's been cooler today and I was motivated to bake a few batches of cookies and fill my freezer again. This weekend's forecast is cooler too and I will make bread and fill the freezer. I was motivated to pull a few weeds outside and filled a garbage bag before it started raining this evening. I definitely like cooler temperatures.

I've been getting worried that I'm getting too old to enjoy working outside in the yard. I just couldn't do it. But, today I know it's that the temperature for spring yard work has just been too hot. I still enjoy doing it in 70 degree weather. That 90 degree weather just kills me in the spring when there is lots of yard work to do.

We've had a bunch of rain today! It's incredible - wow! An inch has fallen in Boise today. My yard is loving it and looking very green. I pulled more weeds and they came right up without any effort. I love the rain  - just not the flooding that's happening around the area.

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Valerie said...

I like cool springs too. And I wish summer was cool while I'm wishing. :) Now that my classes are over this semester, I have no excuse to ignore my lawn. One of my least favorite things to do with my time. :)


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