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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter 2012

EASTER! (by Brady)
Okay, actually, I’m addicted to Minecraft and didn’t even do squat with eggs this year, my mom did them. But they were awfully cute! I just have to show you what she did so you all can be jealous.
We didn’t use color because she wanted to try this gardening thing where you use the egg shells as fertilizer. There are also 3 out of these 24 that I don’t like. One is that Sponge Bob in the front row. One is the creeper rapist on the bottom container, top row, very left, and the this french one with a stupid nose and mustache 3 away from the creeper rapist egg.
And that was my boring Easter, Yea! (Haven’t even touched my Easter Basket yet, I’m such a horrible child.)

(by Sondra)
I took pictures of our Easter baskets, but Brady deleted them off of the camera. They are on his lap top, but I haven't retrieved them yet. I'll post them later.
Sharon also received a recipe book that I finally finished. I meant to have it done for Christmas, but I didn't have enough time. I've been working on finishing all my unfinished projects lately and FINALLY finished her recipe book. You can see the idea here. I laminated her dividers instead of contact paper like I used on mine. It turned out amazing and beautiful. It's nice to have that "to do" off my list!

As Brady described above, I didn't want to "color" the eggs. I saw a great idea from Pinterest to use egg shells (among other things) when planting tomatoes. You can see this idea here:

Jason and Sharon came over for Easter dinner. It's been a while since I've seen them, and was happy that they had time off work to come. Dinner turned out really well - everything was yummy - which makes me extra happy when EVERYTHING turns out.

We had a shank ham from Albertsons that was 99 cents a pound!
Usually we have a spiral ham - but I didn't want to spend the money on it.

I made a pineapple glaze for the ham instead (and had everything in my food storage):

1 (8 oz) can crushed pineapple
1 Cup firmly packed brown sugar
1 Tablespoon prepared mustard
1 Teaspoon dry mustard
1 Tablespoon lemon juice
Dash of salt

Drain syrup from pineapple, set aside. Combine drained pineapple, brown sugar, mustard, lemon juice and salt in saucepan. Heat until sugar is dissolved. Stirring constantly. Add as much reserved syrup as needed to make mixture of a good brushing consistency.

It was really yummy and a keeper! We loved it!

I also made Funeral potatoes here:


12 hour rolls here:

relish tray

fresh strawberries

Deviled eggs

It was a nice dinner and great to have my children here.


Valerie said...

Brady's description of the eggs was quite funny! :)

I love the recipe binder! I'm working on a similar project (I started in 2009 too!) of getting my recipes typed up & in a binder. I want to be able to make copies for all my well as having something we can add recipes to. So thanks for sharing your ideas!

Rhonda said...

Your eggs are so cute. The girls dyed ours while I was working.

Cherie said...

Glad you had a nice Easter Sondra!

Garden of Egan said...

Cute eggs. That would make me laugh very time I looked into the fridge.

The ham glaze looks tasty. I'll have to give that a try.


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