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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Sometimes my blog gets me into trouble. My blog is found quite often on Google searches, and people I've blogged about find it and read what I think and say. Usually it has to do with Brady and his friends. I always hope that I am not embarrassing him by the things I say and that his life isn't too private. At times like this I think I should go private - but it's kinda fun in a sick twisted way too.

One of Brady's friends that I blogged about, googled their name and they were sent to my blog - the weird mother (eyes rolling and shaking head). I hate getting busted. But.... since I've been busted, I have to share the facebook conversation:

Friend: So me and my friend were randomly looking up our names on Google images. When we looked up my name the first picture that we notice is you, we were both like what and to satisfy my curiosity I clicked in it bringing me to your mom’s blog haha :D and may I just say I loved it and that she is very good at narrating what happened!!

Brady - Surprisingly this isn't the first time this has happened. My mom's blog comes up on several of my friends Google searches and I get pretty much the exact same story you guys were telling me. She's a veteran blogger with 100+ followers, so her blog is highly prioritized in the Google searches.

Friend - Ha ha interesting!! Well it was fun to read about how everything happened and to hear your side of the story other than mine

‎Brady - ...More like her side of the story, I don't help with or read her blog, so I have no idea even what she said, or what you were reading. I'm guessing whatever it is IS accurate, but not sure I would describe it as my voice or ideals.

Friend - That's true I guess there are 3 sides to this story what I was getting at though was that it was cool to hear about what happened to askee rather than the asker.


Rhonda said...

You could always change your setting so the blog doesn't come up under Google search. I often think about going private as well.

Valerie said...

How funny! My son told me one of his friend's mothers found my blog somehow and is one of my followers now. haha!


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