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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Top 'O the Morning to ya!
Brady has his GREEN on .... only it was a day early. Yes, he went to school on Friday dressed in green.
Brady was the GREEN MAN because he was giving his St. Patrick's Day Seminary Devotional.
I made green tinted sugar cookies, with green frosting and green sprinkles. Yummy!
I also put together a goodies bag for each of the kids in Brady's Seminary class.
The goodies bag contained: A Shamrock representing the "God Head" and a Pot 'O Gold with 10 pieces of chocolate gold in each. I also came up with this bag topper. This year I didn't have time to add the pipe cleaner pin to the goodies bag - oh well... It was still fun!
A quick look at our St. Patrick's Day decorations.
My favorite find was this cute leprechaun. I don't have a bunch of St. Patrick's Day decorations, but I do have a few. You can see more decorations on this previous St. Patrick's Day decoration blog here.
I am starting to LOVE subway tile art. I printed this one off of Eighteen25 blog here. I love free printables!
The coffee table decorations and my build a bear St. Patrick's Day costume.
AND the decorations on top of the cabinet that holds the piano music. I had a bunch of chocolate gold left over from putting together the goodies bags and put them here and there around the house. If only it was real!

AS soon as Brady wakes up, I will be making our traditional green shamrock pancakes for breakfast.
May you have a fabulous St. Patrick's Day!


Rhonda said...

You are always so good at sending stuff for devotionals. Autumn doesn't even tell me when she has one, just comes home and tells me she did one that day.

Also I always love your decorations. I don't have anything green for St. Patrick's day, honestly I don't see it as A holiday I guess.

Garden of Egan said...

Brady has a fabulous mom!
Lots of work and love goes into everything you do.


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