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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Do you watch "Doomsday Preppers"?

Have you watched Doomsday Preppers?

I follow many preparedness sites and one site I love called Preparedness Pro, author Kellene Bishop was featured on Doomsday Preppers TV show. You can see a clip of Doomsday Preppers here.
Kellene Bishop, whom I thought was great and normal on the show.

I normally don't have National Geographic Channel. However, when Kellene advertised the show on her site and that she was going to be featured on it I became intrigued. I checked out the price of adding it to my normal TV package. It was an additional $5.00 per month so I signed up and have been watching it every Tuesday. Other shows like "Today" and "Anderson Cooper" have featured stories about preparing too. It's a big topic right now in the media.

When you watch it, remember this show is to entertain and the "Experts" discount every concern preppers have for storing food and preparing for "the end of the world, AS WE KNOW IT". Not the "end of the world" but situations that change how we live today. .

Some of the concerns to prepare are:
Medical Emergency / sickness
Loss of Job
Financial collapse
Solar Storm
EMP Strike (Attack)
Nuclear melt down (Japan)
Crop Failures
Weather Changes
Terrorist Strike (9/11)

According to the "Experts" on the show - none of these items are going to happen or should cause us any concern.

There are many reasons I prepare. I want to be Self Reliant and be able to take care of my family.  I don't want to rely on the government or others for my care. I want to take care of myself. I was shocked when the "Today" show discounted people who prepare and basically called us CRAZY. You can watch it here.  They also said the government only recommends storing 3 DAYS worth of food in your home. That is CRAZY! I hate going to the grocery store and would hate to have to go every other day to have something to eat. What would happen if you were sick? You'd starve. Plus, it isn't frugal when you aren't storing items on sale that you normally use. I just don't understand only 3 days of food in a home and having bare shelves. I'd hate to live that way.  

I think a lot of the "preppers" featured on Doomsday Preppers ARE pretty extreme and a few really creeped me out. Given that, I have learned quite a few tips to better prepare. It also motivates me to do better.

The biggest message I want to share in prepping is:
"Store what you eat and Eat what you store"

If you don't eat something DON'T STORE IT.

I have fallen into the panic of storing food in #10 cans. Food that I didn't normally eat. It got old and it was wasted/thrown out. I love reading "No Waste Friday" on several blogs I follow. I want to be a wise consumer and not waste food. I am very aware of items / left overs that are thrown out in my home. I try my very best not to throw out food or waste.

I was raised in an era of self reliance. My family grew a garden, canned the produce from the garden, canned peaches, pears, grape juice each fall. We lived on food we grew and preserved. We even had a root cellar. I was raised in a family of 7 (5 children) and we always had what we needed even though we were not rich - because of the way my parents were self reliant.

I think that it is important to learn how to grow a garden and preserving food. Also growing fruit trees and other fruit such as grapes, strawberries, raspberries in your yard helps you become self reliant.

I don't think being self reliant is purchasing freeze dried food in cans. For me, that is NOT going to be my home storage. I'm not going to be duped into spending tons of money on freeze dried food. Not only is it a problem if water is at risk, you will have to store much more water to re-hydrate the food.

I'd much rather have canned food (preserved by me) that already has liquid in it and ready to go. 

I store wheat because I grind it every week to make bread and pastries. If you store wheat, make sure you have a way to grind it first - unless you just want to sprout it.

Don't store items you don't use regularly and rotate. The only # 10 cans of food that I do store is: Powdered milk that I rotate and use every day. I purchased 1 can of each: freeze dried onion, carrot and celery. I figure this would be helpful in flavoring and making yummy soups in an emergency. I also have freeze dried eggs - but have failed to use these and they don't have a long storage life. But I want cakes and cookies in an emergency situation and they need eggs so I store it. That's it - all I store in #10 cans. Be wise in what you purchase freeze dried. Will you eat it now and rotate it? If not I don't think you should store it.

"Store what you eat and Eat what you store"

I hope we are all doing something daily to become self reliant.

Some ideas:
Spiritual preparedness - Pray and read scriptures every day - Most important.
Store Water is the next important item.
First Aid kit, medical preparedness
Pick up extra items each time you go to the grocery store and build up your food storage slowly.
Learn to grow a garden
Plant fruit trees and other fruit items in your yard
Learn to preserve food
Learn to cook and gather recipes your family likes.
Save money
72 hour kits
Home Security
Emergency cooking
 Rally family and friends support system in case of emergencies.
Fuel / firewood / charcoal / propane
Shelter / tent / sleeping bags
And anything else that is important to you and that will aid you in becoming Self Reliant.

Happy Prepping!

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