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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Brady's College Acceptances

 Brady has been accepted to each college he has applied for. Yippee!

He has been accepted to attend BYU!

 He has been accepted to attend Utah State University! He has also received a scholarship for $400 towards housing for 2 semesters.
 The wild card of the group is an acceptance to Neumont University. They awarded Brady $19,800 in scholarships to attend their University. It would be awarded $1680 per semester. This private college is based on computer technology. The students attend school 8am to 5pm every day and attend school year round including summers. With this intense schedule a student can receive their bachelors degree in 2 years.

This has been a hard decision for Brady. He really wants to attend Neumont and the $19,800 scholarship will be hard to walk away from. The problem is that Brady can only attend 1 year and then he leaves for his mission. Then 2 years without technology - where he will fall behind from what he would learn the first year.  
 Brady has been accepted to Boise State!
 Brady has been accepted to attend University of Utah!
Can you guess where he will be attending?

If you guessed BYU Utah, you are correct! It is very exciting.

Now we are waiting for scholarships to come in. I hope he gets some free money to pay for his education!

Brady turns 19 in August 2013. He will be a young graduate from High School - graduating at age 17. It's great that he will be able to attend a whole year of college before he leaves on a 2 year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

It's nice to have this part of preparing for college behind us, all the applications, essays and application fees. It's nice to know which college he will be attending and now we can go forward with preparations.

Now we need to figure out the money. I am planning to cash flow this first year of college. It's going to be tight! I really, really hope that Brady will be awarded some scholarships he has applied for. He does qualify for a government FAFSA grant - Yea! That definitely helps, but doesn't cover all the expenses.


Rhonda said...

How exciting! I knew he would get in to all that he applied to. He is to smart for the schools not to want him. Keeping my fingers crossed for some great scholarships, the FAFSA helps as well.

Cherie said...

I am a bit biased but I am soooo happy he chose BYU - He is going to love it and it will also help to prepare him even more for his mission!!!
Congratulations to Brady!!

Zoey said...

I am very excited for him and hope that he enjoys BYU. I would suggest that if he can't get everything paid for and you don't have enough cash, for him to take out the student loans because they are at such a good interest rate. Then you can help him pay those off!!!

Go Brady!!!


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