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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Valentine Primary Class Party 2012

Saturday, February 11th we had our first CTR 7 Class party of the year.

9 Children attended. 1 of my active girls didn't make it and neither did my 2 inactive boys come. However, one of the inactive boys came to church the next day -- SUCCESS!
Seth, Tyson, Brox, Hyrum and Baron

I completely forgot to take pictures again until the very end and most of the children were gone.
It was a Valentine themed party.

We ate pizza, pop and cupcakes. While they were eating, I had wooden hearts on the tables that they could color with markers.

We did a couple of foam crafts, a book marker and 2 valentine robots. The Robots turned out really cute.
They loved this scratch Valentine activity. You scratch it and underneath the color is sparkly.

When they left, I gave each child a heart balloon, a small heart chocolate box, a valentine pencil and a small box of conversational hearts.
It was a lot of fun! This is the best part of being a Primary teacher .... Parties and time to play and get to know the children better.

3 more class parties to go for this class as we make lasting memories in 2012!

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