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Friday, February 24, 2012

Sweetheart Dance

(Blogged by Brady) Okay, so I’m just going to recap a little of what happened during my sweethearts date.

So, one day during the play rehearsals, my partner Mark came up to me and asked if I had a date to go to Sweethearts. I told him I did not. He inquired if I wanted one because he knew this girl that wanted to go with me. I told him no, because I didn’t want to spend my Saturday going to a dance. Well, then after I told him no, he did a little bit of an identity vomit telling me it was this girl named Kaitlin.

I had a little bit of a crush on Kaitlin last year. She played the lead in the last musical, and was playing the lead this year (with me as lead, casted with me, the person who falls in love with me and I her). After I heard the name, I felt bad that I had said no, but the next day or two she came up to me personally and invited me to go to Sweethearts with her, only we were going on a group date with friends from the cast and not going to the dance. It was dinner, bowling, and a movie.
I found this little card on my porch latter that same day. The card quotes lines that I say in the musical, with a valentine twist. I thought it was weird that she was asking me using the classic tactics after I said yes already, but I just decided to go with it. However, before I made attempts to respond, the party organizer (Anastasia; who’s house we were eating dinner at) broke down and told me it was a prank from her and another that were going on the date with.

So, I was supposed to wear something red, which after dying my hair, I had a natural accessory, but also had this tie that worked really well with it.
We ate an interesting dinner that Cody had prepared for us. It was actually pretty fun. We were talking and laughing, like a normal group date should have been like. There were 7 of us, one of the dates bailed. There was only one couple that were actually dating as well, Anastasia and Erik (Ana being the hostess). We took some pictures and headed off toward bowling. We went to two bowling allies, the first one was closed out to some stupid rented out bowling league, and the second one had around an hour drive and a 45 minute wait once we got there… so we didn’t go bowling like planned.
 Erik and Ana… Lets just say, their favorite part of our group date was most likely the car ride. They paired off and broke off from the date pretty much, sucking face the whole night. We had to pretty much drag them out of the car when we got to our locations. My car was me as the driver and 2 Mormon girls who were mortified, and we were behind Cody’s car, so we got the front row seat to watching them make out the whole way.
 When we got to the movie theater, we punished Erik and Ana a little by making them sit BEHIND us. We weren’t going to have them making out in our row, nor in front of us. It seems inconsiderate to being doing that on a group date anyway. Let me just make this announcement to all those who are still reading. DO NOT PAIR OFF WITH YOUR DATE WHEN YOU ARE ON A GROUP DATE.
 We went and saw New Years Eve (Valentines Day parody). I actually quite enjoyed it, tearing up during a few parts to (holding back the tears, trying to keep control of what ever manliness I have). That’s the only bonus of watching movies at the dark theaters, your eyes can get as red and as moist as they want without people knowing.
Then exhausted, we made our way back home. It wasn’t the best night ever, but it was fun. The only thing is, I don’t really have any remote feelings for Kaitlin anymore. She’s been doing an unconscious competent job of getting herself friend zoned. She really hates kissing to for some reason, and I have to kiss her in the play. She was really pressing for a stage kiss when that part in the play was announced, and I am the only one in the cast that’s like, “Yeah! Kiss me! Lets do it!” Everyone else was like, “Eww, that’s gross.” But now I’m starting to ramble.
 February is actually a strange time for me. I feel that it’s the month that is supposed to bring people love, but so far, it’s just been repelling me. Now if this was a diary, I would totally be spilling out all my thoughts on this subject, but people actually might read this, so I must indubitably refrain from all further thoughts.
 Sweethearts 2012
 Kaitlin and I - Red and Black

 Brady and Cody
 Brady, Cody and Erik
Kaitlin and Brady - Red and Black
Cody and Hailey - Black and White guy with Dark purple girl
Erik and Ana - Black and Grey
Rebecca (Her date bailed) - Black, White, and Red
 Happy Valentines Day!
February 11, 2012

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Zoey said...

I am happy to see that your date is dressed modestly Brady! (You knew that I was going to have to comment on it, didn't you???)


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