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Friday, February 24, 2012

Brady's First Kiss .... blogged by Brady

*Unrolls Declaration*

I hereby state that on Monday, February 13th, the day before Valentine’s Day, Brady has officially been introduced into his first kiss through the means of theatrical performances.
Okay, I have to admit that it’s not exactly how I thought my first kiss would come about, but now when people ask about it, I will have one great story to go with it.

I will tell them about my Character in the play, then recite to them this big huge sermon about love,  sing a song about how love, “only takes a moment to be loved a whole life long.”

It’s really romantic and heartfelt actually, and the story is way better then some sloppy first kiss that I bet all of you have.

…or don’t have:
Although I’ve officially kissed a girl now, it’s artificial.

Still haven’t kissed someone who I’ve actually been in love with.

First kiss was kind of weird too, mainly because of the fact that I don’t feel much for the person I’m casted with. I had to do that scene twice today. First was just a little bizarre, but it looked good apparently. The second one was a slight fail, only noticeable to me (and maybe Kaitlin, the girl who I was kissing.) I did the little romantic chin line stroke, which (I had to do this to myself after this happened to see what I did wrong) when someone is being romantic and delicately strokes your face, the natural thing to do is to lean into it, which tilts your head. (Head tilting I know is very necessarily so your nose has space) However, when she started to lean her head to her left, the side that I was stroking, I started to lean in the same way… towards my right… which is the side I like to do my leaning to. Quick switch at the end for her and just a weird hand position for me was there, but probably not noticeable to everyone since there were four couples up there kissing around the same time. Subtle fail, but I think third time will be much better. Going to stroke the correct side of her face this time.

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