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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Brady Dyed His Hair again - Yikes!

Blond Brady .....
He always had it streaked blond on the top -- the bottom is his natural color.

Now it's .......
 Burgundy brown Brady ....

I should have went to the salon with him and helped him pick out the color. I'm still freaking out about it a little. . . but what can you do now that it's done?
We've discussed re-dying it, but I hate to ruin his hair by dying it too fast.
This is his post on his Tumbler account:

New hair, before and after.
For the musical Hello Dolly being performed at our school, all the men were asked to grow their hair out, since that was the style back then. Unfortunately for me, my fake blond frost just didn’t look good long, I could only style it downward, not upward. So I went in to dye my hair brown (with permission from the Musical Director). After it was done, I had a little bit of a flip out. My hair was dark red! In my mind I was thinking it should have turned out more like a medium light brown. The worst thing about it I was that I was wearing a green shirt at the time, so the contrast of the red was very very very very prominent. However, when I changed into something darker (and styled it upward) I really liked the way it looked. I’m just going to have to avoid my favorite color green for a while…
 Oh my....
I can't wait until it grows out and maybe he will finally be content with his natural hair color. 

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