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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Primary 2 Lesson 13

Primary 2 Manual
Lesson 13
The Gift of the Holy Ghost Can Help Me

When I explain that after Baptism we have hands placed on our heads and are given a blessing where they will become members of The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and receive the Holy Ghost -- I place my hands on top of each child's head. I always feel the spirit strongly as I do this. I feel the spirit touch each of these precious children and it is so quiet as they wait for my hands to touch their head.

I also explain the importance of the ordinance of becoming a member of the church and receiving the Holy Ghost. Sometimes we only stress baptism because you are dunked in the water, when receiving the Holy Ghost is also a very significant ordinance.

 Story at the end of lesson 13, I made it a hand out for the children to take part in reading it.
When John the Baptist baptized Jesus in the River Jordan, a sign was given to show that the Holy Ghost was present. To see what that sign was, start at the arrow and fill in all the space between the lines. Do not cross any lines. When you have finished, ask a parent to read aloud Matthew 3:16 [Matt. 3:16] and John 1:29–33 and explain them to you.


Rhonda said...

Can you believe Hope is in this class this year? She is so excited. I wish you were here teacher. But I think our neighbor is. She talks about getting Baptized all of the time. I love your binders. You may have to send her one ;0)

Valerie said...

How do I always forget to tell my 9-year old to come here when she is planning her FHE lessons? She loves activities, not just stories, and you always have the best stuff. :)

Sarah B said...

This is SO helpful. Thank you!

Meagan , Brian, Sydney and Jonas! said...

Sorry I haven't taken the time to stop and say thank you. I have used ideas from several of your posts in the last months and I really appreciate your hand-outs. It's a great comprehensive list and so helpful! Thanks a bunch!

Mary Ann Wright said...

The laying of hands is a right reserved only for those who hold the priesthood and should only be done as part of a priesthood ordinance.

SaraAnneOfColorado said...

Thank you thank you! This is very helpful.


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