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Monday, January 23, 2012

CTR 7 Primary Class 2012

The first day of my 2012 Primary class, I decided to take a picture of the children with their new binders. I had 9 out of 12 students there. Pretty good for a holiday, January 1, 2012
 Shelby, Hyrum, Baron
Shelby is one of the youngest in the class and it's taking her some time to warm up to me. Finally during the 3rd class she spoke and had a smile. Yea!
 Tyson, Seth and Brox
Jaylynn, Kendell and Lyndsy

We were missing 3 students. But Josey came yesterday and she is a darling little girl. Next week I'll remember to bring my camera and take a pictures of her.

This year I was warned that this class would be a handful and I would need a team teacher. However, they have been perfect. But, I am a very strict but loving teacher with set rules that must be followed.

I always start the first class telling them that they are not babies anymore. They have moved onto Senior Primary and they need to act that way. I told them that we are going to have a very special year getting ready to be baptised.

Then I tell them our class rules. and put a copy on the board. I had to make 4 rules this year:
1. If you want to talk, you must raise your hand.
2. Sit in your seat like ladies and gentlemen, you are not an animal.
3. Do not touch other people, stay in your own bubble.
4. Keep your clothes on - shoes and ties.
(I had to add #4 this because last year I had a young boy that would come to class and immediately take off his tie and play with it and shoes. It drove me crazy in trying to cure him of this. So, this year I wanted to make this rule up front).

I am absolutely loving this new class - and to think I had been warned about them - snicker. I knew I could handle them. It's going to be a great year!

Yesterday I sat around and looked at all the children in Sr. Sharing Time. This is the 4th year I've been teaching the CTR 7 Baptism class. Almost everyone in the room had been in my class and it is amazing to see how much they have grown (Valiant 8, Valiant 9 and Valiant 10 class).  



Cherie said...

I think it is recommended these days that the classes have team teachers for a variety of reasons.
I have also preferred to teach alone and have no problem handling a class - I had 10 in my 4 year old class last year - No problem (and they were very wild - ha ha).
This year I also have a team teacher - We have 12 in our CTR 7 class. I love my team teacher though and I know why she needs to be there.
We had our Baptism preview yesterday - it went great!
I love Primary too and am excited for this year!
You look like you have a bunch of happy excited kiddo's :-D

Sondra said...

Cherie, Oh, I didn't mean that I didn't like to have a team teacher. In fact is great to have a break every other week. I just thought it was funny how much they warned me that this would be a difficult class. So far it's been a joy and they've been great.

Our Primary Pres. told me that they weren't going to have a Baptismal Preview because it's not in the new handbook. I told her we needed to have one and that I would do the whole thing if they would let me. We had to get permission from the Bishopric.

I have it scheduled for next Sunday. I think it's odd that they have done away with it. Did you have issues with your Primary Pres or Bishopric?

Zoey said...

I just love your rules and use them when I substitute! I am going to use all your stuff when I am a primary teacher again! Someday!!!

I am surprised about the baptism preview stuff. We have been able to do ours without any problems on a stake basis. You'll have to talk about it when you do it!


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