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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Brady's College Acceptance

Brady is going to college!

He has been accepted to attend Boise State University.

However, somehow he didn't check the appropriate box to indicate we are an Idaho residence so he was accepted as a Non-Resident for the tuition. Yikes! I called them and now have to prove I'm a resident by filling out forms and taking it to their office with my state taxes. I guess using his transcripts that says he's attended Meridian High for the past 4 years isn't good enough. Oh well, if he selects to attend BSU we'll make sure we are an Idaho resident.

We have been instructed by Church leaders to send our children away to college prior to their mission. Attending BSU is our last option. I prefer that Brady leave home for a year before his mission so that he gets over his homesickness and learn to be on his own. That way when he is on his mission he is adjusted and can just get to work.
Brady has also been accepted by University of Utah.

We are in a unique situation where Brady is "in-state" tuition in Utah and Idaho.
His father pays taxes and is resident in Utah and I pay taxes and am a resident in Idaho.

I'm disappointed that his dad hasn't even let us know that he has been accepted. The acceptance letters are mailed to his address. Thank goodness for an email from the college or we wouldn't know he's been accepted. I've tried to call his dad with no response either. (shaking head). But, I KNOW he has the letter. I wonder why this isn't an important fact to let his son know he has been accepted by calling him or texting him.. (I'll get off my soap box now).

I'm also leaning towards having him attend UofU because he can hop on a plane and fly home instead of driving.
Brady has applied for Utah State University too. Unfortunately we are in the same boat and the acceptance letter is mailed to his dad's house. I'm sure he's probably been accepted - but so far we don't know. Waiting....waiting on some kind of acknowledgement that Brady is important in the life of his dad. OK.... I'm back on my soap box.

I lived in Logan, Utah for 4 years. I loved it. I loved walking around the Logan Temple nightly with roommates. I loved being in family home evening groups. It was a fun college town and I loved every minute of living there. I know Brady will love it too if he selects to attend there.

Brigham Young University

I would love Brady to attend BYU Provo - that would be my first choice. However he received a 24 on his ACT test and to be accepted you have to have a 26 -- even though he has straight A's all 4 years.

Also, Brady has been procrastinating the application - I'm sure due to his ACT score and because he has to submit an essay on "a challenge he has had and what he has done to overcome it". Brady can't think of anything to write about. I told him to write about how his life would have been better if he had a father in his home raising him. It's a good feeling that he feels he has a perfect life - the problem is he feels it has been a blessing to be raised only by me and not his dad. I told him not to think of a full time father as Maurice but a good dad/husband and what that would have meant to his life.

As a positive person who has an optimistic view on life, I always have a problem answering questions like this in job interviews. I don't look at life about problems I have had to overcome, I look at life as wonderful and happy -- always.

Brady does the same thing.

I don't like questions like this. Brady has promised to complete this application this weekend. I hope he comes up with a good essay response.

To be accepted at BYU, Brady had to have an interview with the Bishop of our ward and a member of the Stake President. When Brady met with a member of the Stake Presidency (who is our friend and former bishop) he wanted to help Brady get accepted to BYU because Brady is such a great kid. He said he would meet with BYU's office/councilor and let them know that Brady was such a great kid and see if he could help get Brady accepted.

He was in Provo last week and met with a BYU councilor. Unfortunately Brady hasn't completed the application. When Stake Presidency met with the BYU councilor, He couldn't do anything to help out Brady because the application wasn't completed yet. I'm embarrassed that our Stake Presidency took time out of his busy schedule to help Brady when the application is incomplete.  Brady promised him he would get it done this weekend.  

Brady is extremely busy right now. He is up late  EVERY night completing homework (11 - 12 PM), due to his Hello Dolly play practises and his heavy school schedule. He is constantly going and going. 

As an example: this weekend is busy. Friday play practise until 5:00pm then he attended a birthday party and was home by midnight. This morning he is off to play practise 8:30 am until noon, then he has a Men's choir workshop 1:00 - 9:00 pm. Somewhere this weekend he needs to complete his homework, complete BYU application, work on scholarship applications, attend church and rest.

Every day I pray that he can sustain this busy schedule. But, I know he is loving every minute of it. What a way to end his high school years - with a bang! 

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Cherie said...

Has he applied to BYU Idaho?
I cannot even tell you how going to BYU (any of them) and being immersed in the atmosphere and the spirituality that is there makes a huge difference - HUGE - in kids lives - especially just out of highschool.
The "U" schools that we have always had a friendly rivalry with (wink) even though they are in Utah and are good schools don't possess that same thing - Especially the U of U with fowl language and partying. Ugh!!

I sure hope he gets into BYU!!!!


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