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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ward Christmas Party Preparations

I was asked to take part in our Ward Christmas Party. They decided not to have the traditional Christmas dinner this year. Instead they will have 3 stations to rotate through. A service station to put together hygiene kits, a favorite Christmas story station and a Nativity station.

I was asked to put together a Nativity station.

I decided to put together a little booklet with the Bible scripture nativity story and a Book of Mormon nativity story. Inside the booklet along with both plays are nativity coloring pages shown here and I burned a CD of LDS Primary and Hymn songs that go along with the plays.
 I made 80 books. I hope that will be enough for 80 families who are interested in taking one. If we run out of booklets then I'll take names and get a booklet to them later.

It is my hope that with the tools provided, each family will start a tradition of telling the Christmas story on Christmas eve. It can be done with an actual nativity set, pictures or children dressing up and putting on the play, or by reading out of the scriptures. I know most people do this already - but it's nice to have different ideas to change it a little each year. 

Also included was "back to basic" helpful hints - which I will be using during the nativity plays we put on tonight - I hope it all works out:

Costume and Prop Ideas

It’s time to put on another year’s Christmas program, and once again there are shepherds to dress and stables to create. Here are some helpful hints:
• Bathrobes, large towels, and sheets make great costumes. They are easy to get in and out of, come in a variety of colors, and can still be used after the program ends. (Make sure costumes aren’t too long so no one trips.)
• Remember to keep costumes simple—more than two layers will be too bulky to manage easily.
• If you don’t have any wood for a shepherd’s staff, try using cardboard from a roll of wrapping paper or a length of plastic PVC pipe wrapped in brown tape.
• For large scenery backdrops, ask a home improvement, furniture, or appliance store for old cardboard refrigerator boxes. These are free and large enough to create scenery that is visually appealing. They can be painted using acrylic paints—but remember to focus on shapes and ideas, not small details.
• Many tissue boxes come elaborately decorated for the holiday season. Try using three different sizes of decorated tissue boxes for the Wise Men’s gifts. If they are empty, fill them with something so they are handled more realistically. You could even fill them with treats to hand out after the Christmas program ends.
 The CD was pasted on the back page of each booklet. The songs I included are:

Samuel Tells of Baby Jesus
Stars Were Gleaming
Far, Far, away on Judea's Plains
Joy To The World
He Sent His Son
Mary's Lullaby
When He Comes Again
When Joseph Went to Bethlehem
Away In A Manager
Angels We Have Heard On High
With Wondering Awe
Silent Night
The Nativity Song
Picture A Christmas
In preparation, I finally purchased a baby doll yesterday and changed it from a pink dress to a blue infant sleeper. Since I didn't have any daughters, I've never had a baby doll that I could use for a Nativity play. In the past I've always borrowed one for a Primary Play. I decided this year I wanted a full size baby doll without hair. It's really cute and fun. It has some fun features: It says Momma when you touch the dolls cheek, it cries when you touch the palm of the baby's hand and when you rock it back and forth it cues and breaths like a real baby (when the battery pack is turned on).

I think I'll end up enjoying this baby doll after the nativity play is over.

I hope all goes well tonight. We only get 15 minutes per session and we will do it 3 times. It's going to be quick to dress kids, seat everyone and do the actual play in 15 minutes. Hopefully we'll have time to do a whole play - I've shortened the bible version to fit in the important parts. There isn't going to be any practising and I'll have to pull a father to narrate each session along with a few lines Joseph and Mary say - along with 3 inn keepers. I hope it turns out reverent and the children have fun.

I just finished with my assignment at the ward Christmas Party. It was a success and everyone loved the books. I forgot my camera, but trust me, the children looked wonderful doing the nativity story. I borrowed a few costumes and made a few and had plenty for every child in each group. It turned out really nice. I'm glad it's done and hope that activity inspired everyone who attended. 


Rhonda said...

you always do so many nice handouts. I am jealous. They look wonderful!

Garden of Egan said...

Your party sounds like it was wonderful. You are so amazing to put so much work into something. I'm sure everyone appreciated it so much.

Garden of Egan said...

Oh, I totally agree with your previous post by the way.

Valerie said...

I can tell you put so much work and love into those, just like everything you do! It sounds wonderful. And I love how you said you'll enjoy the doll after the activity. :)

Midwestern Gone Idahoan said...

You did a wonderful job!!! I loved it!!! And the book was VERY welcomed!!!

Zoey said...

Amazing job Sondra! I know why they asked you to help. The baby looks so cute! We just had the opportunity to watch a play of the Best Christmas Pageant Ever. It's those moments that help you remember why we celebrate Christmas!


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