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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Primary Class Christmas Party 2011

This past year has gone by fast! I can't believe I'm ending another Primary class and sending my children onto a new class. Before I send them off we had one more party - our Christmas Party.
7 out of 11 children in our Primary class came to the party. I'm always a little nervous about having a party at Christmas time. My house is decorated everywhere and it's hard to move stuff around to fit a large class. I tried to fit them all in the kitchen around our small table. It worked and they all had room to do projects.
The projects were: Puppets as shown above, wooden ornaments to color, beaded candy canes, and foam ornaments.
We ate pizza, cupcakes and cookies. I try to make it easy, especially around the holidays. The party only lasts 1 hour. I've found that if it is longer then an hour they get bored and get into trouble. 1 hour is plenty of time.
I let them eat and create until it is almost time to go. Then I had them go into the living room for their Christmas present.
I pick one child at a time to pick a package from under the tree. I wrap the boys with one type of wrapping paper and the girls with another type. Then I let them choose a present at random - I don't attach names to the packages. 

They cannot open the present until everyone has been able to pick one.

Then I say .... 1 ..... 2 ...... 3 ...... Open presents.
My tradition is to give them a journal. During the whole year I give them journal pages to write in and start to journal their lives. Now that they are leaving behind our Primary Class and their binders, they all need a new - grown up journal to continue writing in a journal.

The party was awesome and the boys and girls were great! I sure love each one of them and will miss them as they move onto the next class.

I know that my new class is big again this next year - 12 children with 1 of them inactive. I understand the new class coming in is difficult to handle, so I have a team teacher.

My goal is to watch them grow this next year and learn how to act in Primary, prepare them for baptism and teach them the gospel so they will be ready for their special day.

I love teaching CTR 7!


Garden of Egan said...

You are an amazing teacher. I'm so awestruck by the love and effort you put into teaching. Haven't you been a Primary teacher forever?

They look like a cute class.

Exciting for next year. Having a team teacher might be nice.

Have a wonderful day!

Michelle said...

awesome! I sure wish I had you in our primary! the children are blessed you have you as a teacher--it is hard to find someone so kind, loving & caring!

Zoey said...

Jealous! Those kids are sure going to miss a teacher that loves and cares about them like you do! They are so very lucky!


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