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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Primary 2 Lesson 1

Primary 2 Lesson Manual
Lesson 1
Happiness Comes from Choosing the Right

Journal Page - Print it here:
Hand out from the manual:


PoohsPals said...

hello! Just got called to Primary after a very long break away, and I just found your site! My new Favorite! Thanks for you help!!

Lynda T. said...

Is there a way to get all the journal pages for the year at one time? I wanted to make a book in advance, but the other lesson pages are blocked. Thanks, Lynda

Deann said...

I don't see a way to print out these handouts. Can you help me?

Sondra said...

Sorry, I’m not that efficient to have all the pages done for the year. I have some done that I’ve used in previous years but with a team teacher I didn’t have all of them. Last year I decided to start blogging what I do in my Primary class as a help to others (lesson manual 3). I have tried to blog a couple weeks in advance, but with the holidays I’m just trying to get a handle on Primary. The links don’t work because I haven’t blogged the lessons in Primary manual 2 yet. I won’t be able to post a whole year in advance, because my schedule won’t allow it. But, I’ll work on blogging what I do have in my files. When I do a blog on them – they will have a link. I set up the tab for Primary 2 manual - just to make it easier to link when I do blog each lesson.

Deann, I’m a terrible blogger - because I have “No Idea” how to make a printable. What I do with the handouts from the Friend is copy and paste the coloring sheet into a word document and resize and print. Each coloring page has a link to for you to grab what you want to use. I know other bloggers who had printable set up on their blog from were asked to stop offering a "print option" for copy write laws. For that reason, I haven’t tried to figure out how to make printables available on my blog.

Ernita Nainggolan said...

thank you mam Sondra...many idea for may class. GBU


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