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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hello Dolly

The musical Meridian High School is performing this year is (drum roll)
"Hello Dolly"
Last year, Brady declared he would not audition for the musical the next year because it is too much work on top of a heavy school schedule.

However he auditioned this year because even though it is hard there are great memories that go along with it.

When the play was announced he came home and wanted to watch it. I don't own Hello Dolly because it wasn't a favorite musical of mine. I told him to run over to Hastings and rent it. They only had a movie to purchase so I told him to go ahead and buy it. That night we watched it. I don't know if I have ever watched it all the way through before.

Brady decided that he wanted the part of Cornelius. He laughed and enjoyed Cornelius' character. As I watched it .. I kept thinking that Cornelius sounded a lot like the Broadway Phantom of the Opera. The other thing I kept thinking was ... man, he has great teeth - LOL! At the end of the musical he asked me how to spell Cornelius' name and I told him to go look at the credits and see how to spell it. He came back and asked me if I knew who Michael Crawford was - because that is who played Cornelius. HE IS the Phantom of the Opera. That is great!

During the audition Brady gave it his all. The first night of auditions they sing for the teachers/producers and the next they dance. Several people commented on Brady's dancing on how he did such a great job. Brady thought he might get a good roll - UNTIL they lined everyone up by height. Brady is short 5'6" and because he was short he felt that he wouldn't get a good part.

I told him, "it shouldn't make a difference in getting a part if your short"... "they will pick the best singer and dancer anyway". He wasn't convinced. They had to wait over the weekend until they could find out who was cast for each play - they have Cast A and Cast B that perform every other night to give more of the kids a chance to be involved in a lead roll.

Monday came around and before Brady left for school I asked him to call me when he found out his roll in the play. He said NO. (teenagers!)

OK ... I guess I would have to wait until he came home from school.

However, as I was driving from one house to the next (for work) my cell phone rang. I stumbled to grab it and turn off the radio just in time to hear Brady on the other end. What??

He said that the cast was posted for the musical and for me to guess which part he was picked for.

Of course I said "Cornelius" (or else he wouldn't be calling me). Woo HOO! Happy dance.
 The play is about a Cornelius and Barnaby taking an adventure to New York to kiss a girl.

Here is a clip of Cornelius and Barnaby singing. You only have to watch the first lttle bit of the video to see the part if you are short on time.

Danielle and Kara (Brady's Friends) are in Cast A and Brady is in Cast B.
Danielle is "Dolly"
Kara is "Irene Molloy" (the girl Cornelius kisses)
Brady's "Irene Molloy" is the girl who played Princess Winnifred last year - purple dress. She was a hoot and Brady really liked her. She is a nice Mormon girl and IF Brady dated he would have asked her out.  Now Brady gets to kiss her on stage - LOL!
I'm very proud of Brady and is willingness to participate in these activities and enjoy school. It will be intense with the class schedule he is holding this year along with college and scholarship applications he has to fit into his busy schedule.

But .... it is WORTH it. Great memories! Yea!
Funny! Watching Hello Dolly ;-D


Valerie said...

Hooray for Brady!
I've never seen Hello Dolly...and I don't know why. I love musicals & it looks fun.
I'm sure he'll have a great time.

Rhonda said...

How fun. I am glad he decided to do the play this year, even though he said he wouldn't. Autumn is going to be in her school play this year also. She decided she was going to do Junior Miss as well. Busy Spring for them both.

Cherie said...

I have never seen Hello Dolly either. I am so excited that Brady got the part!! Now I am going to have to rent it and watch it and then come watch Brady this year!!

You have such a wonderful kiddo!


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