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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Taylor's Baby Shower

 November 5th I was invited to my niece - Taylor's baby shower. I was excited to go and share this wonderful event with her.
The Mommy and Daddy.
Taylor and Gerald.

I met Gerald at the Baby shower, he seems like a really great guy. Taylor and Gerald are having a baby boy in February.

I thought it was really early to have their baby shower, but Gerald's grandma could only host the shower at her house in November. Jenny, Taylor's sister co-hosted the shower by sending out the invitations and finding games to play.

The grandma's house is in Hidden Springs, a sub division in the foothills around Boise. I've never been there and didn't realize how far it was. Google maps said it would take about 30 minutes to get there from Meridian.

The shower started at 6PM - so I left at 5:30 pm. Due to daylight savings time, it was getting pretty dark.

I followed the map and ended up on this winding road through the hills - at night - DARK! 
 I kept driving and driving in the dark, winding and winding. I kept thinking that this wasn't right - it IS taking too long. I'm lost, out in the mountains at night in the dark, by myself. Should I turn around? Shoot! Where was I going?

FINALLY, I found the little town.

OK... so far I'm in the right place ... Now I needed to find the house IN THE DARK - GREAT!

I followed Google maps.. Still winding farther and farther through the town - almost at the end of this small hidden town.
I found the street, but couldn't see any house with the address. It was so DARK! I couldn't see house numbers - but the few I saw were NOT even close to the address of the shower.

I was getting really upset. I decided to turn the other way on the road and go up another hill that turned and winded in a different direction. I was LOST and getting really upset.

FINALLY, I saw a bunch of cars ... this has to be the place right?

But it was too dark and I couldn't figure out which house it was. I decided to park and walk around. With address in hand I walked up the street. I couldn't even find many house numbers on the houses. But, the few I did see I knew it had to be close.

Because it was DARK, I basically had to walk right up to the house to see the house number. I looked in windows trying to see a shower - Jenny (sister/niece) or Taylor.

As I was about to give up and drive back home I saw Jenny in the window - FINALLY. I went back to the car and grabbed my presents. When I went back to the house (which I never could find their house number) - I had a really hard time finding the front door. When you walk up to the house there was an arch and through the arch was an deluxe outdoor living room. There were some glass doors, and I knocked on it to let me in - but I was at the wrong door. Jeesh - rich people!! - can't even find your front door. 

By the time I arrived I was really upset. (Note to self - always carry a flash light in the car). The house was full of people - whom I didn't know (families - husbands and wives). There was a food buffet and they were having dinner - great I'd already eaten dinner. I found Jenny and gave her a hug. I told her how terrible it was trying to find the location and I was so upset that I was ready to go home.

OK - I know I am a wimp - but I was upset (quite close to crying) that it took me over an hour to find the place (when I expected to be there in a half hour). Jenny talked me into staying and I sat down for a minute and tried to pull myself together. A while later I was better and started to relax and enjoy the shower.
The shower ended up being wonderful - even though I didn't know anyone. I really hated being there by myself with all of Gerald's family. But it was fine.

Taylor and her baby were spoiled. Lots of great presents. I'm glad I found it and was able to attend.

Just a NOTE!!! If you live in the boonies and have invited people over for a party PLEASE make sure your house number is lit up AND you should have a sign or balloons directing people to your house. Such a small thing helps wimps like me.

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