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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

No Shave November

I know NO SHAVE November is not up yet, but Brady had to shave on the 17th. We had to show his whisker progress beFORE he shaved. He had to take a bunch of school pictures for the clubs he is in for the yearbook.

Link Crew
National Honors Society
Senior Class 
 He really has a great start to his beard.
 Aaaah the joys of having a month off of shaving!

He decided NOT to shave it all off - just trim it.
 He made a whisker line along his jaw bone.
I'm not quite sure if I like hairy boys. But, I guess it's just one month a year.
Lots of hair off his neck.

The pictures are done and it's only another week of no shaving. I hope he enjoys every minute of it!

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