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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Harvest Dance Invitation

Last Saturday evening on October 8th, we were sitting around watching TV when there was a knock at the door.

I always yell, "Who is it?"
We don't answer the door after dark without checking.

There wasn't an answer, so I looked out the window and saw a treat on the front porch. I opened the door and said, Yea! a treat. I thought maybe it was a Halloween phantom treat that goes around the ward this time of year.

We read what the flag said ..... hmmmmm
  There is no army big enough to
stop me from asking you to harvest.

Brady ... I yelled... You have a treat.

He gently pulled it all apart, pumpkin cups filled with snicker candy bars with a flag sticking out of it.
 However, there was one flaw. There wasn't a name attached to the invitation to the Harvest Dance.

I told Brady to go outside and look around to see if we missed anything. He came back in and said he couldn't see anything.

Well, darn ... that's not good. Yikes! Who asked him?

Then there was a knock at the door. Brady answered the door and it was a friend who handed him an envelope.
Brady opened the letter and found out that:
Meridian High School wants you
Emily Smith

The mystery was solved and Brady was happy. He likes Emily and had planned on asking her to prom - but she beat him.

Another cool fact is that Emily was crowned the Princess at the Homecoming Dance. Brady went with Kara the Homecoming Queen and now he is going to the Harvest dance with Emily who was the Princess. I like royalty girls .. this is lots of fun!

Now the pressure was on Brady to come up with something fun in response to Emily's invitation. Harvest dance is a Girl ask Guy dance.

Because the cups were pumpkins, he thought about doing something pumpkiny (not a word - but you know what I mean).

He rushed out of the house to go rent the video Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin for some inspiration.
He ran out of the house and to his car - but ran into something along the path.

What was that? He came back into the house and grabbed a flash light.

It was a bunch of army men along the pathway that he blew through - knocking many over. We couldn't see it because it was too dark outside.
 This made the invitation have more meaning. It probably took her a long time to set each army man up on the sidewalk.
You can see our front door from here. Now we have lots of army men to play army with - LOL!

While Brady watched Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin a plan developed in his brain. These kids are creative!

He purchased 5 pumpkins and added eyes to them. He planned on a hunt for the great pumpkin (like an Easter egg hunt).

While watching the Charlie Brown movie, he loved that Snoopy is an army man who drives his dog house around shooting at the enemy. He thought that was perfect with the army theme on the invitation.
 Cute pumpkins!
Then he made a booklet to put all the clues together. Each of the 4 pumpkins had a clue and a couple of puzzle pieces that needed to be glued on a graph in the note book. There was also other clues from the encoded messages that would give her the answer.
 This is the first page of the booklet.

The rest are the clues and puzzle pieces in the envelope that went with each pumpkin.

 The 5th pumpkin was really hidden in the mail box with the last puzzle piece.
Here is the cute puzzle when put together. Of course it is a blond piano player (Brady) with the dancing happy Snoopy army man. Don't you love it?
I love the teenage years. It's a lot of fun to watch all this creativity.


Garden of Egan said...

Wow! That's talent!
I can't believe the stuff that they come up with. So cute!
It looks like the Handsome Prince will be enjoying the dance with royalty again!

Midwestern Gone Idahoan said...

That is so cool!! When never did anything like that when I was growing up in the midwest!!

Zoey said...

So much fun!!! Really! I just hope she wears sleeves!

Rhonda said...

How fun! I love all the ways they ask and answer for the dances. One of Autumn's friends "stalked" her date. She put corn stalks on the door for 2 days and then eyes all over his door on the 3rd day. With "I'm stalking you" and "I'm watching you" then she asked him on the 4th day. I will have to post how Autumn asked her date soon.


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