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Monday, September 26, 2011

XC Silverwood Meet

Brady had a cross country meet in northern Idaho on September 10th. This year our team didn't have any funding for a bus, so parents volunteered to drive them. Unfortunately one of the vehicles broke down on the way there. They were able to fit those kids in other cars and get them all there safe and sound.

It was sad that due to budget cuts the whole team didn't go. Unfortunately this is a huge booster to get kids to join the cross country team and go on this trip. Our team is small this year which may be due to the $110 dollars we had to pay to be on the team AND only the top runners were able to go to Silverwood this year.

The team stays overnight in the Timberline High School. That night for dinner they went out for pizza. After dinner Brady ordered a specialty ice cream dessert (it was called something else but I can't remember).

After they returned to the school, which was having a football game and lots and lots of people were there - Brady had a bad reaction probably due to the ice cream.

He had sooo much energy that he needed to run, bounce, be hyper - something to get rid of the energy surge. It was something powerful and it freaked him out. He couldn't run because he wasn't quite sure of the surroundings and it was getting dark. He couldn't bounce around the school because there were LOTS of people around. He was really freaking out and embarrassed - so he walked around. He didn't know how to control this feeling and started to hyperventilate. It was bad!

We believe that the chocolaty balls on the gourmet ice cream had coffee in them.

The coach came and found him, to see if he was OK - but he was too embarrassed to tell him what was wrong, plus I don't believe he understood what was happening. He finally called me and I talked to him for a while to calm him down. It was a BAD experience and I felt bad for him and the reaction his body was having.

Poor kid.

Plus, the boys couldn't use the showers until the football team had left and it was getting really late. They had a practice and ran after they arrived AND Brady needed and wanted a shower before bed. Finally he just washed his face and went to bed. The whole night wasn't much fun for him.

The race went well and his time was 19:47 minutes. After the race the team attends the Silverwood Theme park for a little fun riding huge roller coasters.

Brady returned home at 3:00 am Sunday morning. Safe and sound. I am a worry wort of a Mom to have parents drive my child home during the middle of the night and NOT fall asleep. I kept praying for their safety and thankfully he did return home safely.

I wished things would have been a little smoother for the trip. But I know he had a good time.

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