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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

September Visting Teaching Handouts

I'm finally getting around to my visiting teaching assignment this month. It has been such a busy month, but we are getting it done today - at least it's not the 30th *wink. There were lots of cute ideas for a visiting teaching handout this month, but I settled for this one:

It came from which used to be SeeMeVT, but she combined all her sites under one.

This cute radio is on a box of Junior Mints. I love how you can "tune" the radio with the items we do to "tune" into the spirit.

I also wanted to give the sisters a General Conference Kit that I usually do. Since these are all new sisters on my route, they haven't received one from me yet.

The lotion is full size because it was the same price on sale as the travel size. It was a great deal and I know they will LOVE it.

I thought I would share these cute ideas, even though the month is almost over.


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