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Monday, September 26, 2011

Invitation to Homecoming 2011

During all the wedding preparations, spaghetti feed, cross country meet, family and friends,
Brady was working on his invitation to ask Kara to the Homecoming dance.
It all started with a box of kisses.
A picture of Brady was needed like this.
You can see more of the back yard set up for the wedding in this picture.

Brady came up with all of this on his own. He is VERY creative!
Brady put the picture above on the front of a card with this letter inside of the folded card:

Brady went to school early Monday morning to set up the invitation for Kara. Here is the puzzle:
A few days later Kara came over with her answer. She handed this to Brady when he answered the door.
Kara getting ready to hand the answer to Brady.
Brady outside the door (wearing his nerd glasses *grin).
He set out and a quest to FIND the answer.
Hmmmmm I wonder where it could be.
Still looking around the neighborhood.
Yea! He spies something perched on the stairs at a nearby building.
Danielle or is it a cat?
Her cat tag said "YES".
What a cute kitty.
Brady and Kara
Kara and Danielle after they put on her make up and costume.
Brady's friends are a hoot!
A close up!
Danielle getting into character.
She definitely has this part of a "cat" down.

Brady is a lucky guy.

Brady went to the homecoming game where Meridian won Rocky Mountain High School 51 to 41. Here is Brady's comment on facebook:

First football game I have ever been to-- HOMECOMING! Meridian vs Rocky. We won! I think when we were over 10 points ahead at the end, Rocky kinda gave up. It's the first Homecoming Game that Meridian has won in 4 years, and my date, Kara was announced homecoming queen! I had a lot more fun then I expected to have. GO WARRIORS!

 Queen Kara
 King and Queen
After the winning victory of the game, they burned an "M". Goooo Warriors!

Brady went to the Homecoming dance with the Homecoming QUEEN. Very cool!


Wendy said...

How cute! BTW are you in Ft Collins? I graduated from Rocky Mountain High way back in the day when there were only 3 high schools in the town. small world.

Rhonda said...

How fun. It looks like both Autumn and Brady had a blast at Homecoming. I love it!

Sondra said...

Wendy- Nope, we don't live in Ft. Collins. We living in Meridian Idaho. It's fun to look at how much fun kids are having these days. I'm loving having a son in high school.

Zoey said...

Very cool that they won the football game and that he went with the Homecoming Queen!


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