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Monday, September 26, 2011

Cross Country Spaghetti Feed

This year we scheduled our famous cross country spaghetti feed 4 days before Jason and Sharon's wedding, so that I wouldn't have to order tables and chairs for both events.
It was a little extra stress on top of the wedding, but all the preparations came together nicely.

Except after I made the spaghetti sauce a couple of days earlier - I put the sauce in ziplock bags and put it in the fridge. UNFORTUNATELY when I put the sauce in the fridge the ziplock wasn't sealed and half of a bag spewed all over the fridge. Ugh!

Oh joy!

It happened on a day I had already spilled paint all over the grass. It was from paint I was touching up the trim on the house. It spilled all over as I moved the hose to water the grass and the hose caught the bucket of paint.

I just couldn't catch a break from dropping things that day. Fortunately I scooped up as much paint as possible and then hosed it down with water to dilute the paint. I didn't want it to kill a patch of grass right before the spaghetti feed AND the wedding. It wasn't good. However, my grass didn't die and you wouldn't even know that I spilled a half gallon of paint on it.

I'm a lucky girl even though I had to clean out the fridge that night after working endlessly on the yard, house and wedding preparations from 8AM to 1:30 AM. My body and legs were killing me from all the work and disasters. I think when I overwork disasters happen BECAUSE I overwork (if that makes since).

The tables and chairs arrived the day before our spaghetti feed. My mom was in town to help with wedding preparations and helped set up for the spaghetti.

We set up the tables and chairs all over the lawn and had everything ready
the clouds started to darken and there was a threat of rain. YIKES! Not on our spaghetti feed.

But that is exactly what it did. Thunder, lightening and buckets of RAIN.

We hurried emptied the patio and put the long tables we serve the food on  along the patio under the overhanging roof. Then we ran and put away the other tables and chairs and covered them with a tarp to keep them from getting wet.

The plans changed to squish the students on the patio and put the food in the kitchen.
 The team filled their plates in the kitchen and went outside to eat it.
It all came together nicely -  outside during the only rain storm we've had for several months (ON OUR SPAGHETTI FEED - go figure). LOL!
We set up 3 rows of tables but only 2 tables were filled. Not many kids came or our team is REALLY small this year.

We had plenty of yummy food and they enjoyed a lighting and thunder storm under the safety of the roof on the patio.
They all had a great time!

Our last year to host a spaghetti feed.


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