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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Day of School

 Today is the first day of Brady's Senior year. I can't believe it is his last year in public school. 

Again this year, Brady is a Link Crew leader for the incoming Freshman. They wear these t-shirts the first day of school. It is a symbol for the freshman to identify these mentors when they need help. Below is a description of our schools link crew. 
 As a leader he will be given the responsibility of managing and instructing a small group of 8 - 10 Freshman on Orientation Day; these are done in effort for the Leaders and Freshman to get to know each other better as well as allow the Leaders the opportunity to pass on some valuable information about being successful in high school.

In addition to orientation day and the events related to that, they will also be called upon to support Freshmen throughout the year in a variety of ways including calling their Freshman group to check in, connecting with them during the school day, attending a variety of social events specifically designed for Freshmen and Link Leaders as well as being available as a mentor for the Freshmen should the situation arise.

Brady was able to change his schedule after registration. He had to drop newspaper this year. I hope they will be able to get by without him (He was the Business Manger). However, he was able to get into a French II class. He will also be taking choir all year. His scheduled classes with 4 AP classes and 2 math classes:

AP Micro Economics
American Government
 French II
AP Statistics
 AP English
AP Calculus
 A Capella Choir
Last year Brady had 2 regular binders for his classes. One for "A" days and one for "B" days. His binders were getting pretty shabby looking near the end of the year and being held together with duct tape. So, I purchased new binders for him which he didn't use. I found out he didn't "like" the binders because they were 2 toned (one color in the inside and another on the outside). 

I told him he had to use those binders this year because I wasn't going to purchase new ones when we had perfectly good ones available. I told him to get some scrap book paper and decorate them. (When they were finished he said it was his idea - LOL!). 

His creativity kicked in and he made some awesome binders. He spent all day on them Saturday and a little bit on Sunday. (I blocked out his last name).  
 These cartoons are from a YouTube video about a Survivor Man (or makes fun of the Survivor Man). I need to find the video and link it - it's pretty funny.

He copied each frame and wrote the dialogue for one of the binders (above). 
On this binder, he just put random pictures. He was very pleased with his designs. He was really happy and loved them. I'm glad we didn't have to spend more money on other binders and he was able to make do with what we had. They are very unique and he is proud of what he came up with. I hope they will make him smile each day. 

If he gets tired of these pictures he can change it out and make it fresh. I love that he is very creative and enjoys doing fun things like this. 
Just a reminder:

to give your children a "back to school Priesthood Blessing". 

Our home teacher Brother Newby stopped by Sunday and gave Brady a wonderful back to school blessing. I know there is power in these blessings and we wouldn't dare start school without one. I'm thankful for the Priesthood and Brother Newby. Now Brady is ready for school and will be able to conquer his Senior year with honor.
One more exciting news!!!!!
Sunday morning Brady was called into our Stake Presidency's office and issued a calling to serve on the Seminary Council this year. 

The council will be in charge of seminary activities throughout the year, help with the teachers and put their arms around and encourage those students that need it. 

I am happy that he has the opportunity to serve and be associated with a group of great kids. Brady is a great, spiritual young man, with an "I want to be good" attitude. I am thankful for his willingness to be an example for what is good and help others along the path. 


Zoey said...

Love it! Congrats Brady on Seminary Council! You will do amazing!

I'm sad that this is his last year of school. After all, I remember quite clearly (as you do) when he was born!!!

Cherie said...

Good for Brady being called to the Seminary Council. It is a fun thing to do.
My oldest Ryan did that and it was a great experience.

It is so hard to believe that Brady is already a Senior. Weren't the boys just running Middle School Cross Country yesterday?

He is a wonderful kid with alot of smarts and ambition!! He's going to go far in life.
Hope he has a fantastic Senior year!

Garden of Egan said...

Amazing binder!
He's gonna have all the kids jealous.

Sounds like he's so ambitious and ready to succeed.

Midwestern Gone Idahoan said...

They grow up to fast!! I know the next time I turn around Ellen is going to be that old!!

I love the idea of A and B day folders. Ellen came home yesterday and told me they changed a lot of things this year (she is in 7th grade.) There is only 4 min between class (use to be 5 min and she said you wouldn't think 1 min would make a difference - but it does!! he doesn't have time to go potty.) And there was a bunch of other changes - it didn't help that none of her girl friends are in any of her classes. But I told her that might be good - not as much drama then:)

Should be a fun year:)

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