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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

After School Do's and Don'ts

After School Dos and Don’ts

—Raid the kitchen for junk food.
—Leave your backpack, books, etc., in the middle of the floor, on the kitchen table, or anywhere else they don’t belong.
—Immediately turn on the TV and veg.
—Procrastinate your homework, chores, or anything else that has to get done.
—Take out your frustrations on your little sister, dog, or any other innocent being.
—Lock yourself in your room for the rest of the night. Give yourself a break now and then—socialize with your family.
—Monopolize the telephone with two-hour calls to friends. **

—Take a few minutes to relax and collect your thoughts.
—Thank Heavenly Father for a good, safe day.
—Do any jobs or chores you’re responsible for.
—Do your homework early, so you can have more free time later and not worry.
—Read the newspaper.
—Take some time to talk to your family when they ask you about your day.
—Get some exercise.
—Go the extra mile by doing some laundry, starting dinner, or doing something nice for someone.
—Reward yourself once you get everything done and have some spare time left. Read something fun, spend time with friends, work on a hobby, or do anything else that floats your boat.

(I'm totally embarrassed that I didn't "link" this article that I found in the New Era or give it's credit to who wrote it. Now I can't find it and can't link it - Yikes! Sorry about that. But the article DID come from the New Era). 

** OR spend the evening texting .... call your friends and talk out loud and not with your fingers : (. Or better yet .. get together and talk in real life! (I hate constant texting if you can't tell). LOL!

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