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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Harvesting Peas

 Our pea plants have really been successful this year. We've eaten lots fresh out of the garden, put them in soups and stews. It's been delicious!

Saturday morning, I decided to get busy and pick them and freeze them. 
It took a long time to get all the peas out of the shells.

I started with boiling water, put the peas in for 90 seconds, then transferred them to ice water (with ice cubes).

I then put them in freezer bags and then into the freezer they went. I suck out the air in the freezer bag with a straw. I also like to make them lie flat giving me more freezer room.

It will be nice to pull these out through the year for pot pies, soups, and stews. 
There are still lots more ready to harvest. 

My favorite thing is to pick them and eat them fresh out of the garden. Yum!

1 comment:

Pea Sheller said...

Those peas look delicious! I love eating them fresh from the garden too.


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