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Monday, July 18, 2011

Brady's Sister, Kaylynn's Wedding

Brady's half sister, Kaylynn was married on June 8, 2011. Brady loves Kaylynn and really wanted to attend her wedding. 

Brady ended up visiting his dad for a week from June 6th through the 11th so that he could attend Kaylynn's wedding. This visit was the first time he has been there since Maurice married Connie. It is always fascinating that Brady enjoys his visits more when his dad has a wife. Although he is just getting to know Connie, it was a nice visit. Brady still loves Shar, Maurice's 2nd wife the best. 

Kaylynn and Kevin are Shar's ex-husband's children. Shar actually got custody of these two children even though she wasn't the mother. The mother left them when they were small and the husband didn't want/couldn't take care of them after the divorce and Shar took custody. I believe Shar was going through her divorce when Maurice and I were. Her ex-husband called me, because Maurice and Shar got together quickly after both of our splits. And as I have blogged before, Maurice and Shar were married 2 weeks after our divorce was final. (Just a little background).

I never did trust Shar, because she pushed really hard to gain custody of Brady from me. It made my life miserable and that is why I ended up moving from Salt Lake City to Boise. It was the best "sane" thing I did after my divorce. 

Brady loves Shar and her children. I was always thankful for her during his visits with them. Kaylynn has been Brady's favorite sister, even though she is his only sister. They are pretty close. I was glad he had the opportunity to attend her wedding. 
 I've been waiting to get more family pictures with Brady in the wedding pictures to make this post. But, they haven't been sent or posted on Kaylynn's facebook page. Once we get more pictures I will add them. Brady ended up being an usher during the wedding. He had a great time.
Finally a picture of the wedding party. Porter (Brady's little brother) is the first male on the left hand side - followed by Brady.
 She is a beautiful girl and I'm glad she is part of Brady's life. 
This is Brady's oldest (half) brother Kevin with Kaylynn. Kevin is married and has a son. 

Kaylynn asked Kevin to walk her down the aisle. It was very sweet. 
Her wedding was held at Thanksgiving Point in Utah.


Shauna said...

Wow it's a small world! I was there at the Wedding! We Love Kaylynn dearly :)

Valerie said...

Those are beautiful roses that really pop in those photos. Glad Brady could be there with her.

Zoey said...

Thanksgiving Point is beautiful! It looks like they have a wonderful time!!!


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