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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

4th of July Celebration

(Our front door)

Our 4th of July weekend Celebration was fabulous! The best part was that I took Monday off - a whole 3 day weekend - Yippie! I never do that. Being self employed, I always work every holiday. However, this year I arranged my work schedule to actually have 3 days in a row off AND it was great.

I decided I wanted to go swimming. As I was thinking about it, I remembered that Jason has a pool in his condominium. I called and told them we would be swimming with them all weekend. Yup, I just invited myself. But, they were happy to let us come and enjoy their pool. 
His condo has a bunch of fun pools and fountains. This is a look from his back door. 
There is the swimming area and the water was warm and kid free. In fact, most of the time it was just Jason, Sharon, Brady and me. Very nice!
A view of the bridge we go over to get to the pool. 

Monday the 4th we spent time with them again and went swimming. Then Jason barbecued for us. We pulled a card table out on the lawn and ate outside. It was fun to enjoy the sun (in the shade). It was pretty nice of Jason and Sharon to let us come over. We had hamburgers, corn on the cob, asparagus and watermelon. It was a perfect holiday meal. 

Then we went to Storey Park in Meridian to watch the fireworks (which is down the street from our house).
  These next pictures are horrible - I am terrible at taking pictures when nobody wants one and I do. So they are moving and blurry ... but this is what we did on the 4th and I am adding them for my blog book. 
Oh well .... and please disregard my terrible photography. 
We found a picnic table and played Phase 10 until the fireworks started. You can see all the people in the park. Lots of families brought their fireworks and lit them at the park - which was fun because we didn't purchase one firework this year. Brady has out grown wasting money to burn - LOL!  There was also a live band in the background. 
Sharon and Brady as we played Phase 10. 
Oh, there is a smile - too bad I am jittery and it's fuzzy. I'm sure Jason's hand is grabbing a card.  I also was ahead in the game when the fireworks started - so I say " I win" (grin). It was a fun time. 
I decided to try and take a few pictures of the fireworks. They didn't turn out too bad. 
We were very close to where they lit them. We also had the music speakers close to us, and was able to listen to the patriotic music. 
It turned out to be a wonderful weekend full of fun - especially having 3 days off in a row. It was the best!
Happy Birthday this great land of the FREE - The United States of America. A land that I love!


Valerie said...

Glad you got a little much deserved rest. Sounds like fun!

Garden of Egan said...

Your pictures look great. They are real life.

I love the pictures of them playing cards. You have a great family.

Glad you were able to get three days off. You so deserve it!


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