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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Way Back Wednesday: My Graduation and Senior Pictures

 High School Graduation is all around right now. I thought I would share my Graduation photos and Senior pictures. Just to reminisce about my own graduation. Graduating class of 406 students. 

Back in the day .... 31 years ago.  
 Sondra, Rayma and Jennifer.

 A sad note, Rayma passed away in a boating accident a couple of years ago. She was a School councilor at Pocatello High School where we went to school. 
 Pocatello Indians our mascot. My Drill Team uniform. 
 We made our headdresses. I loved wearing it. 
 I was always proud to be an Indianette.
 Oh to be that thin again - LOL! 

Although I was never a stick - I was always one of the "bigger" drill team girls. 

It's been great to see Brady have muscular legs as a teenager and not the pencil thin legs that everyone has. That is what I had too - muscular legs - which I always thought were too fat. 

But, now I realize that it is my body type and I was thin. NO matter how much dieting I would have done - I would NEVER have had thin pencil legs. It's not my body type. To bad there is such judgement when you are thin but can never change the body type you have. I wish I would have understood that then. 
Navy Gunnysack dress I borrowed from my best friend Cindy Morrison. 
 I have naturally curly / wavy hair. It's automatically wavy like that. 

 I borrowed this dress from my sister Christine. It's funny that both dressed I used for the pictures were borrowed. 
 I used to wear turquoise rings. I wonder what happened to them. It was popular back then. 
It's fun to look back at yourself 31 years ago. It's hard to imagine that it was that long ago. Time goes by fast. 

 A proud graduate from Pocatello High School - or Poky H.S. for short. The brave and the proud Indians!


Garden of Egan said...

Oh that is cute! I didn't realize you were a Poky Indian. We were sort of neighbors....I was a Snake River Panther.

You were totally darling. When we lived in Poky, I was at Franklin Jr High and I was on the baton team.

Wise counsel too. Too bad we aren't accepting of ourselves.

Zoey said...

Love it! Your pictures are the best!!! I love your indianette pictures especially!!! You have inspired me to scan in my stuff too ...

Valerie said...

Fun!! You have always been pretty!

Debbie and Karrin, scrappin sisters said...

Wow great memories. I can remember Rayma, she worked at Kmart with us! Sorry to hear she passed. These photos are how I remember you. I was a proud Marsh Valley Eaglette. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. Debbie Lish Russell


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