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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Way back Wednesday - Jason's 8th Birthday

This year for Jason's birthday we had it at a fast food restaurant - I think Hardee's. Usually for both of my children's parties when they were young, nobody came because their birthday's were in the summer. It was always heartbreaking when no kids would show up. 

However, this year we had a great party with friends - Yea! I guess the trick is to have it somewhere fun. 
 A clown came, did tricks and painted the kids. Snakes down the arm was the favorite choice. 
 Remember when a pit full of balls was 'all that'? Now they are gone...
 Me with the clown.
The clown painting Jason's arm. Jason is my sweet heart. Look and you can see all his new teeth. 

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Zoey said...

So fun!!! Love it!


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