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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Weather Makes Me HAPPY!

I haven't blogged a lot this spring about my garden. I did start tomato seeds and flower seeds in the house. Everything I started from seed is growing great. 

I decided to plant my tomato plants in the ground this year, instead of a container.

I used the containers for flowers because I am planning a wedding in my back yard in September - and I am trying to beautify everything. 
 I've planted flowers in front of the tomato plants. I hope that gives them a nice look for the wedding. 
 My pea plants have blooms AND pretty soon they will have yummy peas. When they are done, I will plant flowers here. 
 My bush beens are up and carrots in my containers (carrots will need to be thinned). I planted late, but they are growing and the sun is shining. 
 This flower garden is by the garage in the back yard and not attached to my house. The roses crack me up how it went through the roof. I keep thinking I should cut that vine off, but it's funny. 

In front of the roses are daisy bushes that will be blooming any time now. 

You can also see my fire wood peaking through the window in the garage. 
 My honeysuckle vine is in bloom and the smell is wonderful (climbing on the garage). 
Our backyard went from fragrant irises to honeysuckle.  The smells are heavenly. I love being outside in the spring / summer. 
 This sight is my favorite. Hanging laundry on the line (work rags for my cleaning business). I love to hang on the line. It makes me happy!!
This morning I received my milk delivery - which I am still loving. 

This evening I walked down the street to the Meridian Farmer's Market, vendors, a band and water fountain to play in each Thursday night. I purchased corn, asparagus, blueberries, strawberries and cherries at the market today. YUM!

I love this time of year.

I love living downtown and can walk to all the fun activities they hold just down the street. 

I also LOVE living in an neighborhood where I can hang laundry on the line. 


Zoey said...

The produce looks yummy!

Garden of Egan said...

Your garden looks amazing.
I love that you grow in anything you can.
Your yard will look beautiful for a wedding.

Have a great weekend.


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