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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Primary Party June 2011

I had a Primary Class party Saturday for my CTR 7 class.

I was excited that the weather was beautiful and we could hold it outside.

8 out of 14 students from my class came. 
Ella (Pink and White), Teija (blue shirt), Kyleah (Brown shirt) and Ben.
Of course we had lots of crafts to put together. They are decorating hats here. Ella has her hat on - Beautiful!
Davin showing his red hat. Dylan (small boy in back) making a silly face, and Kade in the yellow shirt. 

The tables were originally on the grass but the sun was shining so brightly that we moved them into the shade on the patio. 
I had a few toys for them to play with. Dylan and Kade are playing with the beach ball (in the air). 
Kade has the ball here. 
Carson came a little late (he had a baseball practice), but made it with lots of time to have fun with everyone.

I also didn't purchase pizza this time. I decided to barbecue hot dogs and hamburgers with chips, fruit, cookies. The best part of this was no left overs and much cheaper then lots of pizza going to waste. 
Silly Ben using his hat as a bib. They just never want to grow up - LOL!
Davin putting together a paddle ball game. The pom pom in his hand was made into a bee. The bee is attached to the string. The object of the game is to get the bee through the hole in the paddle. 
They also had wooden masks to color. This is Ella behind the fairy mask she colored. 
This growing toy ball is always a hit when children come to visit. They love to get inside that ball.

I also had airplanes (in Carson's hand) for the kids to put together and fly around the yard - along with bottles of bubbles for each kid. The airplanes were made out of thin wood which broke apart pretty easily.

They kept flying the planes on the garage and house roof, into trees. I was always on a ladder with a rake in my had pulling planes off the roof. They had a blast!
Here is Davin playing ball. He was trying to get the class interested in playing volleyball, but everyone was doing their own thing. Davin and Kade ended up just tossing the ball back and forth. 
Ella is playing with a blow up sword ... and you can barely see Kade catching the ball Davin threw.
Another picture of Kyleah, Teija and Dylan making the paddle ball game. 
Teija completely inside the growing ball eating a push up. Teija is such a responsible girl, that she asked for sunscreen since the party was in the back yard in the bright hot sun. I'm glad she thought of that and none of these precious kids ended up with a sunburn. 
Kyleah in the ball with her wooden fairy mask. 
I made her take the mask away from her face for this picture. 
Kyleah eating her push up. The party was a huge success and I loved having it outside. 

I was running behind the morning of the party. Luckily Dylan's Mom, Stacy arrived early and helped me finish getting things set up. Thanks a bunch Stacy - you saved me!!!

And I was suppose to pick up Kyleah, but was running so far behind that Davin's mom, Sydney picked her up for me. 

Sydney was one of my councilors when I was Primary President and Stacy was a team teacher with me 2 years ago. I love these ladies and was very thankful for their help.

Great friends who helped me relax and enjoy the day. 

While my last two students were waiting to go home, Ben wanted to take some pictures with  my camera. Here are the pictures he took of my beautiful flowers. 
 My iris's are beautiful this spring. I put 3 pots of planted flowers in front of them and this corner looks so beautiful. To bad iris's only last a little while and not through the whole summer. 
With the wet spring, these Jacob Ladder ferns have gone crazy. There are lots of them nestled together in one area making quite a statement. 
 More iris's, a rose bush behind it starting to grown and some columbine (white flowers on the right side). 
 More iris. As soon as I get everything planted, I will post spring pictures of my yard. It's coming together really nicely. I'm planting LOTS of flowers in anticipation for the wedding in September in my yard. 
Ben, the budding photographer and piano player with his Dad Jake, who forgot him until I called 1/2 hour later - ha ha ha. 

I'm glad the party was a success!

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