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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Primary 3 Lesson 25

Primary 3
Lesson 25

I Can Be a Missionary

Journal Page:
My favorite thing to do is make Missionary Badges for each child. You can access the print out for the badges from Sugardoodle here:

I print out the badges on white card stock, cover each badge with "lament" clear contact paper because I don't own a lamentor. Then I hot glue a pin on the back of each badge (I find them at Micheal's or Craft Warehouse in the jewelry making section).

2 years ago when I handed out this cute Missionary that grows a foot or two, the children LOVED them. You can find it from The Friend, July 2008 Here:
I made the missinary fit a whole page and printed it out on card stock. I have it cut out and put together and hand it out completed.
Aren't they cute as they grow a foot or two. We sing the song in class and make our missionary grow.

 I print out on card stock, cut out and fasten together with a brad and had out already put together.


Zoey said...

I am loving that you are adding all of these fun ideas on one page. It helps me so much when I substitute primary.

The Marchant's said...

Thank you! So thorough!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I just found out that I am substituting CTR 4 today and I found a link to your blog on sugardoodle.

-Emma in VA

lisa said...

I really want you to know that I really do appreciate the time and talent you put inot helping others. The faces of those happy children, when they saw the mission tags with their names on them was priceless! You are amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

I am grateful for your creative ideas and so much variety. Thank you so much!

Melanie&Skyler Cont. said...

You're awesome. Thank you for all your hard work


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