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Sunday, June 19, 2011

End Of School Year Party

Brady and his friends were able to celebrate an "End of School Year" party together. Amber invited a few of her friends to her grandparents cabin. 

They did this last year too - but this year Danielle took LOTS of pictures.... So all the pictures are courtesy of Danielle. 

Idaho Mountains. 
 My cute son, Brady!

They had a ton of fun. Boys were in one cabin and the girls were in another. Her parents and grandparents have cabins in the same location.

There were 4 girls and 3 boys who went. Her parents and grand parents were chaperons. 

They rode 4-wheelers.
 Danielle on the left side, Ammon's back to us, Brady, Sarah, and Erik walking. 
Ammon, Sarah and Erik.
 This is Amber who invited everyone. 
 Erik and Danielle.
 The girls enjoying the beauty of the mountain. Amber, Danielle, Kara and Sarah. 
Erik, Sarah and Kara. 
Kara with a friendly dog. 
 Danielle and Kara.

There will be 2 more posts of what they did. If I added the whole party in one post, it would have made it way toooooo long. More to come. 


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