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Sunday, June 19, 2011

End of School Year Party - Part 3 Arrows

During the End of School year Party, they were able to target shoot with Bows and Arrows.
 Brady getting all the protection gear on. 
 That's not a pencil... I think he must think he is still in "school" mode - LOL!
 Ready ..... Aim .... FIRE!
Great form!
Watch out Brady... Amber looks dangerous!
War Cry! SCARY!
 The might warriors.

Brady, Erik and Sarah.

More Warriors! Kara, Ammon and Amber.
 It was very kind of Amber to have this party for their group of friends. 

Poor Brady... Crazy teenagers messing around. 
 Brady kicking Erik down to make sure he is alive.
 Great form Erik .... trying it on his knee.
Erik presenting Ammon with a bow. 
 Poor Kara!
And there she goes ... she's down. 
 Sarah and Kara
 Look how high Danielle has jumped in the air to get Sarah! These photos scare me a bit .. being a mom. Brady assures me they are just jumping straight up in the air.  
 Who shot Brady... Just kidding. 
 Erik getting Kara. 

Kara in peeking out to see if it is safe from all the blood shed. 
 Kara getting Danielle. 
 Amber getting Brady. 
  Trying to look like an AVATAR.  

I sure thought those bows look awesome. 
REALLY the kids had supervision from Grandpa. 
And they had targets to shoot at. No teenager was harmed during this party. 

They really had a great time together. 

End of posts about the party. I'm thankful that Danielle took such great pictures!


Zoey said...

I was going to ask you who took the pictures. They are WONDERFUL! Looks like they all had so much fun!

Garden of Egan said...

I think you should can Brady and sell him.
He'd be a total hit!

He's so funny.
It looks like that had such a good time.


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