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Sunday, June 19, 2011

End of School Year Party - Part 2 Horses

 Brady had the opportunity to ride horses at the End of School year Party!
 I don't think he has every rode a horse before. He didn't like this horse very much. 
 He liked this horse much better, it was gentler then the other horse. 
They had such a great time!

 Danielle and Amber riding. 
 Ammon riding. 
Amber, she's a great rider. 
 Kara, I always think she is such a cute girl. 

Look at Amber goooooo! 
 It looks like they got tired of riding horses and started riding each other. 
I didn't see a picture of Sara riding a horse ... I wonder if she did. 
 Kara and Sarah.
 Amber and Danielle. 
All the girls. 
 Brady loved that this horse had  blue eyes. 


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Looks like alot of fun! Great post!
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