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Thursday, June 30, 2011

$25 Solar Oven

I have always been intrigued with solar ovens. I love that they are sent to 3rd world communities so the women can cook safely. I love the idea of cooking with the sun. Plus with my preparedness mentality, I think it is one more way in being prepared.

However, there was NO WAY I would EVER spend $300 dollars on a solar oven. For goodness sake, it doesn't have any mechanical parts and it costs as much as a real oven. It is way over priced and you are paying the consultant and their consultant in the pyramid scheme. I would never spend that much money, especially when I live in Idaho. 

When it comes to being prepared it's easy to become swayed by some hype and people pushing a product. I say "be wise" and "think" about the purchase before you go forward. 

Really?? Spending $300 on a solar oven doesn't seem very wise or frugal for that matter. (In my humble opinion)
The best areas for year round solar cooking is listed in black. Have you ever seen this map from someone who "sales" the $300 solar oven. If I lived in the "black" area and was going to use this product every day for the rest of my life, I would "think" about the $300 oven. But, I don't so I won't. 

I've had plans to make my own solar oven for a while now. But, while I was cleaning one of my customers (she is in a Relief Society Presidency) she told me she was purchasing a solar oven for $25 dollars. I went to my purse, pulled out $25 dollars and asked her to purchase one for me too. I was very excited!

Next time I was there she had my kit for me. I am sure this is the same kit that is sent to 3rd world countries. In fact on the first page, there is information to donate money so they can send more solar ovens out to 3rd world countries.

FYI - This solar oven came from:
 Solar Cookers International
1919 21st Street, Suite 101
Sacramento, California 95811
United States of America

Tel: 1 (916) 455-4499
Fax: 1 (916) 455-4498

It comes with the heavy duty cardboard solar oven.
An instruction manual with a couple of recipes.
Cooking bag and clothes pins.

This is what it looks like when it arrived.
 Here it is set up. The black pot was purchased from Amazon for $12.
 Here is the instruction manual and clothes pins.
 After I checked it out, I folded it back up and it was a snap. Very portable and light weight, great for an emergency OR summer cooking. I'm very excited with this purchase. 
I will be trying it out over the weekend and next week during my "easy" working week. Plus, the temperature in Boise Idaho is expected to soar to 107 degrees next week. I don't plan on cooking inside during those hot days - that is for sure. 

It looks like my new solar oven arrived just in time. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Way back Wednesday - Jason's 8th Birthday

This year for Jason's birthday we had it at a fast food restaurant - I think Hardee's. Usually for both of my children's parties when they were young, nobody came because their birthday's were in the summer. It was always heartbreaking when no kids would show up. 

However, this year we had a great party with friends - Yea! I guess the trick is to have it somewhere fun. 
 A clown came, did tricks and painted the kids. Snakes down the arm was the favorite choice. 
 Remember when a pit full of balls was 'all that'? Now they are gone...
 Me with the clown.
The clown painting Jason's arm. Jason is my sweet heart. Look and you can see all his new teeth. 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Motivational Monday: "Think On Christ"

Ezra Taft Benson, “Think on Christ,” Ensign, Mar 1989, 2

When President George Albert Smith was a boy, he had an experience that changed his life. He wrote:

“As a child, thirteen years of age, I went to school at the Brigham Young Academy. … I cannot remember much of what was said during the year that I was there, but there is one thing that I will probably never forget. … Dr. Karl G. Maeser one day stood up and said, ‘Not only will you be held accountable for the things you do, but you will be held responsible for the very thoughts you think.’

“Being a boy, not in the habit of controlling my thoughts very much, it was quite a puzzle to me what I was to do, and it worried me.

About a week or ten days after that I suddenly understood what he meant: You will be held accountable for your thoughts, because when your life is completed in mortality, it will be the sum of your thoughts. 

That one suggestion has been a great blessing to me all my life, and it has helped me on many occasions to avoid improper thoughts, because I realize that when my life is over I will be the product of my thoughts.”
Thoughts lead to acts,

acts lead to habits, 

habits lead to character—

and our character will determine our eternal destiny.
The mind has been compared to a stage on which only one act at a time can be performed.

From one side of the wings the Lord, who loves you, is trying to put on the stage of your mind that which will bless you.

From the other side of the wings the devil, who hates you, is trying to put on the stage of your mind that which will curse you.

You are the stage manager—you are the one who decides which thought will occupy the stage.

Remember, the Lord wants you to have a fulness of joy like His.

The devil wants all men to be miserable like him.

You are the one who must decide which thoughts you will accept. You are free to choose—but you are not free to alter the results of those choices. You will be what you think about—what you consistently allow to occupy the stage of your mind.
The Lord said, “Look unto me in every thought.” Looking unto the Lord in every thought is the only possible way we can be the kind of men and women we ought to be.

The Lord asked the question of His disciples, “What manner of men ought ye to be?” He then answered His own question by saying, “Even as I am.”  To become as He is, we must have Him on our minds—constantly in our thoughts. 

If our thoughts make us what we are, and we are to be like Christ, then we must think Christlike thoughts.

We are accountable for our thoughts and what we think about. Our thoughts should be on the Lord. We should think on Christ.

“What would Jesus do?” or “What would He have me do?” are paramount personal questions of this life.

Walking in His way is the greatest achievement of life.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Wednesday's Thunder Storm w/Pictures

Wednesday night, June 22nd we had a thunderstorm. 

We don't get very many here and when we do, I love them. I always have loved the sound of thunder and how lightening lights up the sky. 

I was working outside in a flower bed when it began. Then I sat outside and watched the sky light up.

I found these cool pictures on and had to post them - because they are amazing. I did not take any of these pictures - FYI.
 Seriously.... isn't that amazing? I wonder how they took that! Amazing!

I suspect this is the bolt that is in the first picture. Isn't the sky ominous? 

Unfortunately there were fires in the foot hills ... but with the green wet spring weather, they were able to put them out quickly. 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Weather Makes Me HAPPY!

I haven't blogged a lot this spring about my garden. I did start tomato seeds and flower seeds in the house. Everything I started from seed is growing great. 

I decided to plant my tomato plants in the ground this year, instead of a container.

I used the containers for flowers because I am planning a wedding in my back yard in September - and I am trying to beautify everything. 
 I've planted flowers in front of the tomato plants. I hope that gives them a nice look for the wedding. 
 My pea plants have blooms AND pretty soon they will have yummy peas. When they are done, I will plant flowers here. 
 My bush beens are up and carrots in my containers (carrots will need to be thinned). I planted late, but they are growing and the sun is shining. 
 This flower garden is by the garage in the back yard and not attached to my house. The roses crack me up how it went through the roof. I keep thinking I should cut that vine off, but it's funny. 

In front of the roses are daisy bushes that will be blooming any time now. 

You can also see my fire wood peaking through the window in the garage. 
 My honeysuckle vine is in bloom and the smell is wonderful (climbing on the garage). 
Our backyard went from fragrant irises to honeysuckle.  The smells are heavenly. I love being outside in the spring / summer. 
 This sight is my favorite. Hanging laundry on the line (work rags for my cleaning business). I love to hang on the line. It makes me happy!!
This morning I received my milk delivery - which I am still loving. 

This evening I walked down the street to the Meridian Farmer's Market, vendors, a band and water fountain to play in each Thursday night. I purchased corn, asparagus, blueberries, strawberries and cherries at the market today. YUM!

I love this time of year.

I love living downtown and can walk to all the fun activities they hold just down the street. 

I also LOVE living in an neighborhood where I can hang laundry on the line. 

Dairy Days in Meridian, Idaho 2011

Friday, June 17, 2011 was Meridian's annual Dairy Days. This is my favorite city activity.

However, this year I didn't plan it well at all. I sent Brady on an airplane to go see his father for Father's Day weekend and his step sister's wedding on Tuesday June 21, 2011. 
Brady's plane left Boise at 5:30 and and arrived Salt Lake City at 6:35 PM on Friday the day of the parade.

The Parade started at 7:00 PM and I shifted back and forth deciding if I wanted to walk down the street to watch it by myself or stay home. 

Since this is my FAVORITE parade, I decided to walk down and watch it alone. I left at 7 PM thinking Brady was in Salt Lake City and safe ..... and with his dad.

However, when I arrived home an hour later Brady had called 20+ times because his dad didn't pick him up. Oh joy! Brady was furious because I wasn't home or didn't have my cell phone with me. 

Apparently Southwest was having issues with their monitors that showed the plane was delayed. So instead of calling Brady, Maurice sat in the parking lot for over an hour while Brady was furiously waiting and couldn't get a hold of me .... AND he didn't have his dad's phone programmed in his cell phone (a new one). 

Eventually Maurice picked him up and all was well ... almost. (shaking head).

On to the Dairy Days parade. . . . 
 When I arrived the streets were filled with people and balloons. The balloons were a VERY clever marketing for a local candy shop down the street from me ... they gave out balloons with their company name and a free piece of candy for a child when they come into the shop.  
 Vendors were selling their wares. 
 Look, Miss Idaho and Miss Teen Idaho!!! Beautiful girls.
 The beginning of the parade they give out chocolate milk. I wiggled my way up to the front and got some chocolate milk for me and an older couple in the back of the mass of people. 
 Our Mayor Tammy de Weerd in her Cow decorated mini-car.  Whom I am pretty angry with right now. Meridian built a new city building a couple of years ago and filed a law suit against the builder. Guess what??? Meridian lost the law suit and now have to pay the builder 2.3 million dollars... yea tax payers (NOT!). Soooo all of us tax payers are very sad and angry. 

 On with the theme of the parade ... we saw lots of cows. 
 Flo even showed up for the parade... DON"T TEXT AND DRIVE!!!
 Meridian Swimming pool float. 
The life guards! Jake, who is in front going up to the Channel 7 reporter. He is in our ward and Brady's age. 
I thought this was a fun picture that I took off of
 Noah and his cute ark.
They gave out cheese string ... but only to the people in the front.
Nope, I didn't get any.

They also gave out t-shirts. For the past 2 years we got a t-shirt. But, not this year because I was in the back and alone (sniff sniff).

It was a bunch of fun even alone. 

I just wish things would have worked out better for Brady. Poor kid.

(I miss him! He is still gone - for a whole week - comes home Saturday 25th)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June Visiting Teaching Idea

This is what we are giving the sisters we visit teach this month. I found these great ideas here:

  you doing to
become more
temporally self-reliant?

The handouts include a recipe for Super Summer Sloppy Joes
The lesson for June 2011 is on Developing Self-Reliance (which is a topic near and dear to my heart)
and the instructions how to put it together.
I added the water (which is tied to the handout in back with the string) and a crystal light juice packet (I already have on hand).

I also loved the seed packet and had to include it too:

Garden Seeds 
(Blessing Variety)
I added Skittles because that is what I had on hand. 

I love creative people who make up these great hand outs! They sure make me look "all that" when I show up at the door with my partner. Anything to make visiting teaching fun.

Way Back Wednesday: 2001 Boise River Festival

The pictures below were 10 Years ago, when Boise put on a "River Festival".

I decided to scan in my scrap book pages instead of individual pictures. You can click on the pictures to enlarge it. 

Starting early in the morning Boise's sky filled up with lots and lots of hot air balloons. It was a fantastic sight.
 There were vendor booths in the park and of course we had to play in the playgrounds.
 They also held a parade. 
The haven't had the rivier festival for quite a few years do the lack of money to put it on. 
Too bad, because it was FUN ... especially the hot air balloons. 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

End of School Year Party - Part 3 Arrows

During the End of School year Party, they were able to target shoot with Bows and Arrows.
 Brady getting all the protection gear on. 
 That's not a pencil... I think he must think he is still in "school" mode - LOL!
 Ready ..... Aim .... FIRE!
Great form!
Watch out Brady... Amber looks dangerous!
War Cry! SCARY!
 The might warriors.

Brady, Erik and Sarah.

More Warriors! Kara, Ammon and Amber.
 It was very kind of Amber to have this party for their group of friends. 

Poor Brady... Crazy teenagers messing around. 
 Brady kicking Erik down to make sure he is alive.
 Great form Erik .... trying it on his knee.
Erik presenting Ammon with a bow. 
 Poor Kara!
And there she goes ... she's down. 
 Sarah and Kara
 Look how high Danielle has jumped in the air to get Sarah! These photos scare me a bit .. being a mom. Brady assures me they are just jumping straight up in the air.  
 Who shot Brady... Just kidding. 
 Erik getting Kara. 

Kara in peeking out to see if it is safe from all the blood shed. 
 Kara getting Danielle. 
 Amber getting Brady. 
  Trying to look like an AVATAR.  

I sure thought those bows look awesome. 
REALLY the kids had supervision from Grandpa. 
And they had targets to shoot at. No teenager was harmed during this party. 

They really had a great time together. 

End of posts about the party. I'm thankful that Danielle took such great pictures!


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