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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What Matters Most

I thought this was a really cute idea to give to someone you love. I know it says Visiting Teaching, but I think you could take a small jar with a bow and fill it with pom poms and attach the great free print out and give it to someone you love.

It's From the Visitng Teaching website here:  Maybe it would be a great family jar to add warm fuzzies to as you complete service projects. I really like the tag and the amount of warm fuzzies you get when you provide service for others.
Another website I love with tons of great ideas. I love the Quiet books (There are lots of them so make sure you scroll through her pages), Article of Faith cards, Primary theme cards, Prophet cards. She has made lots of print outs for free. Such a great idea at Simply Fresh Design. Check her site out!

Have a great day and spread some love :-D

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MommyN'Bliss said...

Did you download those quiet books? They've had to be removed from her site and I desperately need them! :0(
Thank you,


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